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Asian Civilization Museum

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It was raining heavily when we walked from Funan Mall (where we parked our car) to Asian Civilization Museum. Without the rain and our heavy umbrella, the walk itself is actually a very pleasant thing to do. The view is absolutely stunning with the Singapore river and boats on one side and old buildings with stone sculptures on the other side. There is also big lawn in front of the museum which leads to Cavenagh Bridge with many people taking pictures and a mouth watering ice cream stalls.

So instead, we explored the outer sides of the museum before going home and after the rain had stopped. It is a nice and big building with Indochine restaurant in the corner of the street. Rafael had some fun chasing the pigeon…….as usual, hahaha………….


Old historical building in good condition. I always love seeing old buildings…….

Asian Civilization Museum

What????? No vanilla ice cream?? We ended up buying ice cream in the stall at the mall

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

These are the galleries that we would see inside the museum (by the way, it was free entry during Deepavali):


I can not say that we (parents) really enjoyed the museum visit. We absolutely not museum lovers. Amazingly, the boy enjoyed it so much that he could stand for hours in the museum. He listened to the information from the audio visual, and made sure he pressed every button so he wouldn’t miss any information, the watched the video about the cultures and stories, he played with everything that could be played (who says you can’t play and have fun at the museum???), and he looked carefully at things that most interest him. He even wrote feedback and wanted to participate in “Sharing Your Thoughts” but unfortunately they were running out of paper.

I liked taking pictures in the museum (since it might our only visit to this museum), and Daddy sometimes listened to the audiovisual or watched the video. But after some times, we felt bored and decided to find seats wherever we could, hahaha……..

I’m glad that the boy likes museum and can show appreciation on what’s inside. He is willing to listen to new information, learn new cultures and practices, and shows interest on things like this………………unlike us his parents who never really enjoy being in the museum for hours. I thought it would only take one hour before we could continue to other place, but I was wrong. It took hours for Rafael to finish exploring everything.

From my observation, a true museum lover usually doesn’t take so much time in taking photos, they just stand in silence, read the information, and look carefully at the display. A not so museum lover like me and other people just snap some pictures and go……..hahaha……..

It’s an interesting place to visit if you like history and old things actually, the museum is clean and well maintained, and they have amazing displays too. Do visit this museum to broaden your knowledge or to just get beautiful and interesting pictures like me………….

Children Section

Yes, they have children section with children activities (or maybe it was just because that day was Deepavali, I don’t know for sure). Lil boy didn’t show interest in here maybe because he thought everything was to childish for him, even though I saw adults did art and craft too. He was more interest to get back to the galleries then spend time here. What a true museum lover……truly change in a year. Last year, he still showed interest in children’s activity, but not now.


Really like this……..


Free photo with costume, hand painting, art and craft

China Gallery

This gallery serves to introduce the highlights of Chinese civilization and it’s far reaching effects on the globally dispersed Chinese communities that still maintains close identification with its mother culture.



Watching video with the title “Rescue from Hell”, which showed a young man dedication to his mother and his effort to save his mother from hell


Interview with the emperor, a video which bored me to the max but lil boy enjoyed it and watched the fake emperor answered all those questions. I wonder whether he really understands the all the answers and the story…….

Miniature World: Art of the Chinese snuff bottle

Miniature World: Art of the Chinese snuff (powdered tobacco mixed with aromatic substances) bottle. It was believed to have medicinal properties and was used as a remedy for colds, headaches, and other ailments. By the end of 18th century, snuffed-taking had become a nationwide habit in China.


Bride and groom costumes

ACM China Gallery

Other collections from China Gallery

Southeast Asia Gallery

Southeast Asia has been at the crossroads of world trade for thousands of years. This exchange of goods also brought ideas that were absorbed by its ancient societies. The different responses to ideas, religions, and technologies that came from India, China, West Asia, and Europe over the centuries gave rise to the differences that we see in modern Southeast Asia today.

Southeast Asia Gallery dedicate one entire floor (and other floor but share with other countries) to Indonesia culture………I’m so glad to feel home sweet home in this gallery. I know well almost everything in the display since they were part of my history lessons when I was at school. I’m happy that the boy showed high interest in Indonesia cultures too.


Musical Instrument

Indonesia traditional musical instruments from the land of Java come in the form of Gamelan. They are usually used in traditional ceremonies. They are made from bronze.


Shadow puppets are very famous in Indonesia. The show is usually held from midnight until very early in the morning

Shadow Puppet

Water Shadow Puppets Video, lil boy was really showed interest when watching this


One of Indonesia’s traditional house from the land of Sulawesi


Inside the house with old things from the past, which was fun to play with


Wooden Aso Carvings from Dayak. Aso is Dayak Dragon Goddess. The Dayaks believe that this powerful Dragon Goddess rules the underworld and is the guardian of the dead. She oversees the journey of the dead from one world to the next, and is also associated with both human and agricultural fertility. Aso appears in the designs of many Dayak artefacts.


Jewelry from Aceh (located in North Sumatra), which includes seurapi (necklace) with nine pendants from 19th century

Keris from Bugis

Keris from Bugis

Other Southeast Asia Gallery

Shiva as the Cosmic Pillar (1950)

Shiva as the Cosmic Pillar (1950)

Archangel Michael vanquishing Satan (from Vietnam)

Archangel Michael vanquishing Satan (from Vietnam)

Sandstone of Buddha protected by Naga Muchalinda (Cambodia)

Sandstone of Buddha protected by Naga Muchalinda (Cambodia)


Wedding basket (bakul siah) from Fujian (China) and Tiered Offering Vessel from Pyay, Myanmar


Bangle from India and Malay Keris


Touch and feel……….

West Asia/Islamic

West Asia consists of the lands west of South Asia to the borders of Europe. It is home to three of the world’s greatest religion: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As the ACM is primarily focused on the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans, the galleries are concentrate on Islam, as it played and still continues to play an important role in the shaping of Southeast Asia.



West Asia


Share Your Insights and Feedback


There are still hundreds of things inside the museum which are interesting to see and learn. Almost all of the explanation are taken from the information that is provided by the museum.

Asian Civilization Museum is located at: 1 Empress Place Singapore 179555. T: +65 6332 7798

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