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The Rope Challenge


After we went swimming in Jurong East Swimming Complex, we continued our journey to a restaurant in Jurong Point:


Filling his tummy and recharging his energy with this luxurious food (why luxurious??? because he can only have this tasty although not healthy food “maybe” once a year………..) before going to do this:






This part of rope really scared me because of its height

Lil boy played here twice already, usually between one hour to two hours. Location: HDB Playground in front of Jurong West Library. By the way, we are falling in love with Jurong West Library now. The books in the children section, the magazines, and the big but not so crowded place make us come back again and again.

It’s not a very big playground and there are only ropes everywhere as you can see, but children like to play here for a very long time. I think it’s because the rope climbing is very challenging and bring out the adrenaline rush.

Most children like to climb. They can climb on everything, from chairs, beds, windows, closet, tables, kitchen tables, and everything  that seems impossible for us to climb, they can climb to the top. Parents often worry the children might fall down and get hurt, so very often parents say “Don’t climb, you will fall down” and other “Don’t do this” or “Don’t do that”.

I liked to climb to when I was in Primary School. Most of all, I liked to climb our guava trees (jambu batu dan jambu air) that my family used to have in our front yard. I spent my days sitting on the top of the wall next to the front gate or on the guava trees. I even climbed on gates to get in and out the house just for fun. So when one day I forgot to bring the house keys, I had no difficulty going in by climbing the gate (it was quite high gate that we had back then). I was a very good climber when I was younger.

But still when it was finally my son turn to do all the climbing activities, I was so worry that I often used the words “Don’t climb this or that.” Yes, he sometimes fell down when he was smaller and hurt himself, so we were always worried. I tried to reason with myself and finally got the conclusion that too many “No” would not do any good to him. How can he be brave, full of creativity, dare to try, and especially “not afraid of height” if I set too many boundaries for me?

I still worried though, so as a solution I let him did all the climbing and as high as he wanted with one rule. He must made sure I was around him or he must call me to be near him to watch over him. This worked so far until he got older.

Now, I try not to worry much since I see most parents here let their children explore and do the climbing all by themselves since they were very little (as young as 1.5 years old). So my boy also gets embarrassed when we hold his hands or watch over him while he’s climbing. He always asks us to stay away from him so he can do all the activities all by himself.

As parents, I always want to hold his hands and watch over him doing everything, but I know I can’t. I have to learn to let go slowly even though I don’t feel like doing it. He is growing, and my faith to Him who will always watch over this “not so lil boy anymore” must be growing too, only in that way I can ease my worry-ness.


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

2 thoughts on “The Rope Challenge

  1. gua paling worry kalo ngeliat anak manjat2. emang sih kita gak bisa ya selalu megangin, tapi kalo sampe jatuh tuh rasanya ngenes banget.. hehehe

    • Iya sih gua juga jantung rasanya mau copot kalo ngeliat anak manjat yang tinggi2. Tapi anaknya kalo dideketin (padahal gua cuma berdiri di belakangnya aja lho buat jaga2 kalau tiba2 hilang keseimbangan, gak megangin sama sekali) langsung misuh2, katanya malu sama anak-anak yang lain yg gak ditungguin ortunya, hihihi…….

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