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Jurong East Swimming Complex

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One of the best thing that I like in Singapore is it’s amazing public pools that come in amazing prize (a.k.a very cheap). Some of the pools are more likely to water boom or waterbom in Indonesia. They have Olympic size swimming pools, teaching pools, Jacuzzi, kids pools that come with kids play area, very challenging slides, and some of them also have lazy rivers and wave pools. And to enjoy all of those facilities, adults need not to pay more than $2 on weekends. It’s even cheaper on weekdays. Children and senior citizen get special prize too.

One of our favorite swimming complex now must be Jurong East Swimming Complex. This is so far is the best that we’ve ever visited. It has everything that I mentioned above, even though the competition pool and the teaching pool (unlike many other pools that we saw) are combined together in one pool, but separated in different lanes.

It wasn’t very crowded when we arrived here, although we anticipated large amount of people on that nice Saturday weather. To really enjoy your play, rent a big float for $2 for 2 hours. Not expensive, right………….what is quite expensive to us is the parking fee, hahaha……… To park here you will need parking coupons, and we only had 4 left in the car so we could only spend 4 hours in the pool. We think it’s ok, since it gives us reason to come back for more fun………..but next we will check on other recommended swimming complex in Singapore, which is Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex. I will surely write about it after we check it.

There are many sitting areas inside, just choose near which pools you would like to sit. There is a designated eating place near the lazy river, so if you want to eat inside just go to that spot. There is KFC just outside the pool, and it is big and clean restaurant.

Although it’s far away from where we live, but it was a very nice experience to visit this pool. The weather was very nice too (not too hot, sometimes cloudy, but no rain at all). There are many toilets and washing rooms inside, so we didn’t need to queue to use one of them.

Now let’s see what is inside:

Jurong East Swimming Complex

We really can’t wait to try the slides

Kiddy Fun Station Pool

These colorful kids pools (3 small pools in total) are really great for children. They love to be here for hours. Even lil boy liked to play here…..splash here and there was really fun for him.



Jurong East

Competition Pool

The water here was surprisingly warm in this pool. We stayed in the 1.2 m depth all the time. Lil boy was firstly a little scare to be here, but he finally got his courage, tiptoed his feet, and enjoyed playing and swimming in here. He didn’t even need me to be around him all the time.


Lazy River

We fall in love with the lazy river. The current is strong, the water is clean and bright blue, there are some water splash spots, and even a cave inside………hilarious! Lay down on the float and you’ll get a great time in the lazy river.


Jurong East

Wave Pool

Where else can you enjoy the big wave pool with only $2 per entry? Love……love…….love this big and amazing wave pool, just exactly like the one in the water booms such as Wild Wild Wet in Downtown East or other water booms in Jakarta that we’ve visited. See how happy everyone is……..?


Jurong EastSlides

Absolutely the best slides ever in public pools………we could slide down with the floats! Two slides (red and blue) must use the floats, and the yellow doesn’t need floats.  Lil boy likes the blue slide (the tallest) the most, no wonder………………….

Jurong East

Jurong East

Jurong East

Priceless expression………………..captured wonderfully by my amazing Sony camera


Dip yourself in this big Jacuzzi (seriously, this is a big one) to end the day, which is very relaxing…………. The Jacuzzi is located near the slides.


This is just one small part of the jacuzzi

That was the end of our fun in Jurong East Swimming Complex. Hope to be back for more fun on the other day………………


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