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Mid Autumn Festival in Chinese Garden 2013

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Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Cake Festival is very well known celebration in here with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of lanterns everywhere. This year, we decided to go to Chinese Garden and see the lanterns and merry decorations there. The theme was Jurassic Park, so we were kind of hoping to see dinosaurs in the form of lanterns, with their colorful light shining around the park.

The entrance fee was $12 for adults and $6 for children. For NTUC and Passion Card members, they only had to pay $10 for adults and $5 for children. Chinese Garden is super big and very hot even at night. So if you have plan to visit this garden, just wear casual dress and comfortable footwear.

When we arrived, there was a very long queue in the ticketing office, but the queue went very fast. Since the garden is huge, the people were scattered around inside and we didn’t feel that the place was crowded with people, but it was still very hot inside.

And so how about the displays?

I must say that I was quite disappointed with all the displays. The dinosaurs didn’t come in lanterns, but in some sort of rubbers that could move their tails and made noisy sound. Ok, what was I thinking that the dinosaurs would come in lanterns display, hahaha……? There were very few lanterns inside. I kept on looking for more lanterns, but very disappointed at the end. We probably won’t come again next year. From what I saw when we passed by, Gardens by The Bay got better lanterns decorations, and plus it was free too. Too bad we didn’t have time to visit Bay South at Gardens By The Bay.

There was children play area too inside, but the token price was quite expensive ($3.5 for 1 token for 1 play). So I only ley lil boy chose one ride, and what did he choose? Well, just see the pictures somewhere below. There was also some stalls (not too many) selling food and beverages, but we were not interested upon seeing the items.

We were very tired and didn’t think that we managed to see everything. Although we still wanted to look for more dinosaurs and other displays in Chinese Garden, but our feet just didn’t want to cooperate. Don’t forget to bring lots of water since the beverage stall is quite far away from the entrance.

And now, here are the pictures of Mid Autumn Festival in Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden

This is what we saw after entering the entrance door

Chinese Garden

The first dinosaur that we found

Chinese Garden

I didn’t know (and still don’t) all the names of the dinosaurs, but my lil walking dictionary knows them all

Chinese Garden

I think I know the one in the left…it’s brachiosaurus (well alright, lil boy told me its name)

Chinese Garden

There are many statues like this in Chinese Garden, and I don’t know why daddy chose this one and insisted that he wanted to take photo with this statue

For more dinosaurs display:

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden


Chinese Garden

Unhealthy food (for us), almost all were fried food

Chinese Garden

Children play area, the one in River Hongbao was much better


Lil boy chose to ride this……..and he had 5 wonderful minutes riding this for the first time, hahaha…..


One lantern……

Chinese Garden

Two lanterns…..and that’s all we found inside

Chinese Garden

Amazingly, this tarantula near the exit door was the children’s favorite. Lil boy also insisted to take picture with it.

And that was it. After the photo with the tarantula, we went straight home…….very tired after a long walk in Chinese Garden.


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