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Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

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Yay…….it was finally term 3 school holiday! Lil boy would spend 10 days at home, and as a reward for his hard work during term 3, we went to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort for 2 days and 1 night. I had been reading various reviews about this place, especially about it’s fabulous water park, so we decided to prove whether it’s true or not.

We planned to leave home at 6 or 7 am, but due to some reasons (we woke up late and must waited for everybody to finish breakfast), we finally left home at 8.30 am. Luckily we have this amazing tool called GPS, which made our journey easier and we didn’t get lost at all. On the way to Desaru, we passed through Tuas Checkpoint, but on the way home we passed through Woodlands Checkpoint. It was because the GPS gave us different directions, but as the result we can give comparison of the two routes.

On the way to Lotus Desaru

On the way to Lotus Desaru with his blanket, bed cover, and pillows

Tuas Checkpoint:

– No queue at Singapore Immigration and reasonable queue at Malaysian Immigration

– After clearing the Malaysian Immigration, we entered express highway all the way to Desaru. We passed through the new Desaru Expressway E22

– Toll price is about SGD 11

– Total time was 3 hours

Woodlands Checkpoint:

– Long queue at both Malaysia and Singapore Immigration

– We exit the highway and entered the city for about 30 minutes before entering the Malaysian Immigration

– Toll price is about SGD 5 (which is half when we entered via Tuas)

– Total time was 2 hours 30 minutes (shorter time)

Because this was the first time for us entering the expressway in Malaysia, we directed our car to the second left counter to buy TouchnGo Toll Card. For first time buyer, the card fee is RM 10, after that you can just top up the card.

Enter here for first timer. After you have the card, just tap the card in every toll counter

Enter here for first timer. After you have the card, just tap the card in every toll counter. Very easy and quick

We enjoyed the beautiful view along the expressway all the way to Desaru. Most of the roads are hilly and winding, so be very careful and not take over the car in front of you when there are no roadblock dividers unless you can see clearly what is ahead you. There were plantation, sea, river, mountains, traditional houses, and also rice filed along the way. We also passed through the new bridge to Desaru. Lil boy fell asleep on the halfway of our journey probably because he woke up at 6 am although he slept at 12 pm. We guessed he was too excited for the holiday.

Lotus Desaru

Beautiful view during our journey to Desaru

The bridge with seaview

The new bridge with seaview

So happy when we finally entered Desaru

So happy when we finally entered Desaru

We finally arrived at Desaru at 11.30 am, and honestly we never expected that it would be that far.

Enter here

Enter here

Upon arriving at the resort

Upon arriving at the resort

We were lucky that we were able to do the check in even though it was only 11.30 am. The check is process was quick and efficient since there were not many people when we arrived, but two hours later the lobby was packed with people wanted to do the check in process. Thankfully we arrived early. We got room N504, which means we stayed in N building, fifth floor, and room number 4. We parked the car just in front of the building.

Our building

In front of our building

Our first impression: the building was quite old and the lift really need an upgrading. We booked a one room apartment, and considering the building and the lift condition, we were quite surprised to see the our room. It was very nice indeed. The room is spacious and consists of two storeys. The first storey is for the living room, TV, washroom, balcony, dining room, and a small kitchen with kitchenette, microwave, and a sink. The second storey is for the bedroom with working table and bathroom with bathtub. Lil boy really loved the room especially the stairs. He loved going up and down the whole time.

Lotus Desaru

First storey room

First storey room

Second storey room

Second storey room

The bedroom was in a mess when we arrived because the house keeping hadn’t cleaned the room since we did an early check in. The good thing was, they were quick to response and cleaned the room. I noticed that the house keeping staff were very attentive and fast to response. We also asked for extra blanket at night and they gave us a very big, thick, and comfortable blanket to us.

The room, bathroom, and surprisingly the fridge were clean enough for us, but the kettle for boiling water was dirty and we decided not to use it at all. The bed was comfortable enough and the hot water was functioning properly during our stay (the most important thing).

The balcony

The balcony

Lotus Desaru

Our building is very close to the swimming pool. Lil boy played with his bubble maker on the balcony

Going up and down the stairs for many...many....many times

Going up and down the stairs for many…many….many times

After lunch, we explored the resort to see all the facilities. It is a very big resort with a water park, two pools, gym area, playground, restaurants, ballroom, mini-market, beach activities, playing area, and grass field.

The view of half the resort from our balcony

The view of the resort from our balcony, and it’s only half the resort……so you can imagine how big it is

Although it is a beach resort, the weather wasn’t hot at all when we were there. It was windy and chilly at night especially because it was raining the whole night. Thankfully although it was raining, the water at the pool was not cool at all and very suitable for morning swim.

Since it is a big resort, we were worried of how to go from one place to another. Well, not to worry since there are trams in operation almost the whole day to take us to our building, lobby area, beach, restaurant, or pools. Lil boy really loved to sit on the back of the tram even when there were only the two us on the tram.

Lotus Desaru Tram

The first time lil boy sat on the back of the car/tram, and he liked it so much…..

Enjoying the welcome drink while waiting for the tram

Enjoying the welcome drink while waiting for the tram

After lunch (we brought lot of food for lunch: cheese hotdog, fried rice, fried noodle, grilled chicken, pork meatball, and steam rice), lil boy and I walked around the resort and enjoyed the facilities inside the resort. There are many things to do outside the resort like visiting farm, eating seafood in Sungei Renggit, shopping in the market, etc………but lil boy and I decided to spend our two days in the resort to enjoy all the facilities. My mom and daddy managed to visit the market and farm though.

Home cooked food for lunch. We all had big appetite during our stay, especially lil boy. On the first day

Home cooked food for lunch

We all had big appetite during our stay, especially lil boy. On the first day he had breakfast at home, fried rice at the car, cheese hot dog when we arrived, steam rice and chicken for lunch (after exploring the resort), fried noodle after swimming, pizza for afternoon snack, steam rice with chicken for dinner, and milk for night snack. He ended the day with stomachache because he was too full……..hahaha…….. On the second day he had breakfast at the restaurant, lunch, and then pizza and hot dog for snack in the car, and after that dinner at home…………………..Great appetite but has no correlation to his weight gain……………..

And now let me take you on a tour around the resort:

Here are the facilities around the resort:


Lotus Desaru Water Park

Entrance to the water park

You must use wristband when swimming in the water park all the time. For one bedroom apartment like we booked, you will only get 2 wristbands, but if you want additional wristbands you can buy in the counter near the restaurant. This is also applied when the wristband is torn, you can ask the replacement at the counter for free.

Lotus Desaru Waterpark

One big pool with water fountain, one lazy river, one tall blue slide, small pool with children slides, and one big water bucket in the water park

We think that this water park is overrated. The big pool behind lil boy (on the photo above) was dirty and full with people who didn’t use proper swimming attire. There were many life guards but none of them warned those people. How come they let people using shirts and long pants in the pool? That was really not appropriate and made the pool dirty.

Lotus Desaru Waterpark

The coconut water bucket will spill water every few minutes

Lotus Desaru

To our big disappointment, the lazy river was closed!!! Not fun at all………..

Lotus Desaru Waterpark

Lil boy didn’t really like this area, the water was too shallow so it hurt him when he slide too fast. These slides was not too challenging for him too…..

Lotus Desaru

He didn’t really show enthusiasm sliding when in this slide. He landed on a very small space only filled with little water. Not fun for him……

Adults can not use the the slides at all…………..hmmm……..not so much fun for us…………..

Lotus Desaru

We spent most of our time in the big pool

Lotus Desaru Waterpark

Waiting place

We didn’t really enjoy the water park, so we decided not to play in the water park again for the next day.


There are two pools in this resort. One is near the gym and the other is next to our building. Wristbands must always be used when you’re swimming.

Lotus Desaru Pool

The pool in front of the gym, lil boy liked it better than the water park. The water was warm and he could still reach the bottom of the pool in adults pool

Lotus Desaru Pool

The pool near our building. The water was colder and the pool is deep enough that lil boy couldn’t reach the bottom of the pool. Lil boy thought the pool was not too deep like the one near the gym, so he just jumped without waiting for me. He was so shocked when he drowned for few seconds, but he was fine after a few minute and continued to play in the big pool


There is a small petting zoo just in front of the lobby. There are rabbits and birds which made very noisy voice almost all the time…………..but lil boy loved to visit this small zoo since he likes animals.

Lotus Desaru

Rabbits in the petting zoo. Feeding time is from 3 pm to 3.30 pm


There are 2 small children playground in this resort. The smallest one is near the pool (the pool in front of the gym), but we saw no one played there during our stay. It is very small and doesn’t raise the children’s interest to play there.

The second one is behind the lobby which is also small but decent enough for the children to play.

Lotus Desaru

The playground near the lobby


Since it’s a beach resort, this resort has it’s own private beach near the restaurant. You can join many beach activities such as parasailing, banana boat, jet ski. etc.

Desaru Beach

The beach with many activities

Desaru Beach

Lil boy on the beach


Beautiful grass field! And also quite big! We really loved this field and lil boy enjoyed playing ball or just running in here. Don’t forget to bring ball to enjoy this grass field

Lotus Desaru

Playing ball with daddy

Lotus Desaru

Kungfu style

Lotus Desaru

Rest in front of the Rhu Bar before continue playing


There are many things to do in this area, although we thought that the token price to play the children’s game is quite expensive (2 RM for every token).

Lotus Desaru

Giant chessboard available for rent

Giant chessboard available for rent


Looks good, but we didn’t come inside……so I can not write any reviews


There are two restaurants in this resort:

Lotus Desaru

The first is the Rhu Bar which served seafood as it’s main dish. We didn’t eat here so I can not review this restaurant and the food

Lotus Desaru

In front of Rhu Bar which directly facing the sea

The second one is Teratai Restaurant which has two options of seating….inside and outside. The restaurant serves very delicious pizza with very reasonable price. We all loved the pizza……….and the service was also very good too…….

Lotus Desaru

Cheese pepperoni pizza…………….one of the best that we ever eat for only RM 25.20. Good food, great service, and beautiful sea view

Breakfast was also serves in this restaurant. Additional person eating breakfast will cost RM 15 ++. We didn’t really like the taste of the food. I can’t judge that the food wasn’t good, it’s just not suitable for our taste. There were roti prata with curry (I never like this), nasi lemak and it’s condiments (I still think nasi uduk and it’s condiments are much better than this food), malaysian kuih (too sweet and gooey for me), salad and fruit bar, milk, cereals, juices, soup noodle (didn’t like the taste of the soup), and bread (not too many choices).

Lotus Desaru Breakfast

Some of the breakfast selection

Lotus Desaru Breakfast

Lil boy finally only had 2 croissant with 2 cheese slices, 2 white bread with butter and strawberry jam and 2 cheese slices, and one glass of milk. He absolutely didn’t like the rice and everything else

This boy has changed so much. When he was smaller, he never liked eating breakfast in the restaurant. Now, one thing that he always waits when staying in the hotel is breakfast time. He likes seating, selecting food, and eating at the restaurant. He waked up very early in the morning (6 am) and asked for breakfast! He even waked his daddy an hour later and said “Papa hurry wake up, have breakfast with us…….” Of course daddy continued to sleep…..hahahaha…….

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay in this resort. Lil boy couldn’t forget and move on from his staying experience in Lotus Desaru that he kept using the wristbands (this time in his feet) from the hotel until we reached home.

Do you see the orange wristband on his foot? I don't know how he managed to walk using that thing all the way home....

Do you see the orange wristband on his foot? I don’t know how he managed to walk using that thing all the way home….


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