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His Reading Lately


Lil boy surely loves to read, I think it’s one of his hobby besides swimming (no, he can’t swim properly yet, but he always considers playing in the water as swimming……..). At first he likes to read simple and easy children books, than I tried to introduce him to more serious books. He was quite hesitant at first, and I ever wondered why he doesn’t like to read books provided in the library for his age (7 and above which is called The Junior Lending Section) and still liked to read book from the children section…….. I guess it must be because they are coming in fancy paper, full of pictures and colors, and with big and bright words.

To be honest, it bothered my mind for a while. I really though that he should started reading books more appropriate for his age with more difficult words and sentences and more serious stories. I tried to pick for him some books from the Junior Lending Section, but most of the time he refused to borrow or read them. I was sometimes envied when I saw children from his age or even younger read books for children 7 years and above……………..until one day I realized…….that I should have known better since he’s my son and he shares the same gene with me…………

When I was in primary and secondary school, I loved to read “all the detective books” by Enid Blyton and Alfred Hitchcock. I always run to the bookstore or school library whenever there was a new book coming. I exchanged books with my friends too. I could read my new book for hours without eating or sleeping the whole day. I had all the collection of “children mystery and detective books” that were very popular in those days. I loved to read how children and teenagers solved the mystery by playing detectives and often imagined myself as one of them……..going to new places, meet new people, solve new cases…….life is never boring and always full of adventures whenever I read those books. It’s sad that I find it very hard to find those books in the bookstores or library nowadays. Kids prefer to read comic books which I think can not educate them well and can not bring them to the child’s world of fantasy and imagination and creativity in a positive way. Too bad all my books were gone when the big flood hit Jakarta almost 15 years ago.

As I got older (Senior High School and College), I had different interest. My favorite was The Agatha Christie’s mystery books. I can proudly say that I had read all mystery books series by Agatha Christie but to be honest I don’t remember most of the stories now. At that time, Agatha Christie was my favorite author and I always looked forward when her books came into the bookstore or libraries. As we didn’t have much money to always buy new books, I usually went to the school library, small library near my house, or borrowed the books from my friends. I had good time reading those books and by reading I improved my writing skills.

And back to the topic, now it is clear that my boy didn’t like to read books from the Junior Lending simply because he hadn’t found the right books. And it’s obvious now that the books he likes is the mystery and detective books for children. Like I said before…….it runs in our blood……!

Well, of course the books are different than what I read since time has changed now. It’s so difficult to find those kind of books that I used to read when I was small in the library or even bookstores.

It began when the school had a book sale in term two and I didn’t know how, but he picked a book called “Geronimo Stilton and the Cheese Thief”. Not so long after, he picked another book with the title of “Geronimo Stilton and The Lake Monster”. He’s in love with those two books, and since then……he’s been searching for another Stilton’s books.

The Stiltons (brother and sister – they are mouse actually not human) are news reporter and editor which I don’t know why, always get themselves in adventure and must solve new mysteries almost all the time. The books are quite thick and to me, it’s long story with long sentences and many chapters is quite difficult for a seven year old boy. We’ve been buying and borrowing many of the Stilton Books since then. He likes how the Stiltons solve the mystery. He highlights some of the important (and funny things) and shows them to me. These books can sometimes be very funny too.

I personally think that these are good books. It challenges his mind by following the clues and solving the mysteries. He also learns new words and understand long sentences. It increases his concentration since he has to be very focus when reading the whole chapters to understand the whole story in the book.

His two book about Geronimo Stilton

His first two books about Geronimo Stilton

Another Stilton books from the library

Another Stilton books from the library

Some of the characters from the books......look, it even has a "Hercula Poirot" hahaha.......

Some of the characters from the books……look, it even has a “Hercule Poirat” hahaha…….one of my favorite character from Agatha Christie’s novels

The inside of the book. The books usually contains more than 100 pages. I also find myself enjoying these books

The inside of the book. The books usually contain more than 100 pages. I also find myself enjoying these books with him. The books have twist ending that thrill us……..

After that, I tried to find another books that can bring up his interest. One day, I read a mom recommended these books in her blog. Her children is the same age as mine. And this is her book recommendation:

It's the Horrible Harry Series......

It’s the Horrible Harry Series……by Suzy Kline

“Harry is the devilish student who plays pranks and gets into mischief but can still end up a good friend. His crazy misadventures are told through the words of his best friend, Doug. Although Harry likes doing horrible things, he has an interest in science and fantasy.” taken from http://www.us.penguingroup.com

Harry is a third grader student who is quite naughty but full of imagination and likes to play detectives with his classmates. I think that is why lil boy likes Harry’s books so much. He has a bunch of friends at school that I’m sure lil boy can relate them to all his friends characters in his class. Harry is a good friend and he always shows good friendship and fair acts. He’s very creative. His and his friends characters really portray ordinary children in their ages and their interaction at school and outside the school.

I certainly recommend these books as good reading materials for children. It’s one of those characters building books. At the end, there is always a lesson learn from every book. It also teaches children that there are consequences for every act that you make, but whatever it is, you must be brave and take the consequences even though you must spend an hour at the principal’s room for example. The children sometimes do naughty things but at the end they always learn the lesson and forgive each other. You can see true friendship through the children’s eyes in these books.

Inside the book

Inside the book

Besides those books, he still likes to go to the Information Books Section in the library. His favorite is always this kind of book:

Books about dinosaurs......

Books about dinosaurs……

That’s why he likes to go to Tampines library because it has a huge collection of dinosaurs books. I’m still glad that he still likes to read non fiction books and not just fiction. It really broaden his knowledge.

Inside the books, everything is about dinosaurs. He still wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up......

Inside the books, everything is about dinosaurs. He still wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up……

His favorite Dinosaur Train DVD

His favorite Dinosaur Train DVD

Thank goodness he doesn’t follow his father’s steps by liking all the Superman and Batman and Flash Gordon and whatever comics out there. I certainly won’t like if he reads one of those books. I want him to read good books that will enhance his imagination and creativity without any violence inside.

I always believe that reading good books will improve someone’s creativity and problem solving ability. It was well proven when I was working and my jobs always needed creativity and imagination to create new materials, usually I had no trouble at all. People said I was good at both areas. By reading, I never had any difficulties in writing stories or compose something when I was at school or even at work.

And that is exactly what I want my child to be. Having good imagination is very important for his development. I want him to know the world outside him by reading books. Reading books also teach him about life’s ups and downs, good manner, new knowledge that I can never teach him because mommy doesn’t know everything especially about dinosaurs, and how to react when something happens in his life.

It also widen his knowledge on new vocabularies and arise his curiosity on new things. He also learns that if he wants to know something that he doesn’t know, he can just look for it in the books. Books are open windows to the outside world for him.

Most of all, as a non English speaking student (at home since English is not our mother tongue), he performs really well at school especially at reading and writing. He is one of the best student in English lesson. I was worried that he might not adapt well with the language when we moved here, but now he’s proven that he can cope well with other students in English lesson. He has no difficulty in reading and spelling difficult words and even compose a writing. I will share some of his writing at home in our “Weekly Writing Challenge at Home” in another post. Most of his writing are about animals life because this is his favorite topic.

A very serious reader

A very serious reader

So at the end, I encourage children to read alot to increase their capability in reading and writing. But mos of all, always choose good books for better life.


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  1. wah pinter banget ya suka baca… 🙂

    • Kalau anak2 di sini memang begitu sih kebanyakan, suka banget ke library, apalagi kalau weekend sama libur sekolah, library udah kayak pasar aja sampe kadang2 berasa gak nyaman juga. Mungkin kurang hiburan yang murah meriah, hehehe……

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