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East Coast Park-Castle Beach

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East Coast Park is a HUGE Park consists of 9 areas (from A to H) and suitable for family recreation, sporting, dining, kite flying, or even just for sightseeing. I just found out that this park has a total land size of 185-hectares and a scenic coastline that stretches over 15 km. So yes, it must be impossible to explore all areas of this park for us. After our last visit to Mozzino Pizza and Jurakids Land in another part of the park, this time we decided to explore the beach and the children playground.

We went to Castle Beach which is very suitable for the whole family, especially those with children. We saw a big sand castle which lil boy was not very interest to look at. There are also barbecue area, gazebos, food court, and sand playground. The water boy went straight to the beach to play with sand and water. It was a very hot day, but luckily we equipped ourselves with sunglasses and hat.

The nearest parking spot is E2 near the food court. We parked at E1 so we had to walk quite far to the beach. I do think it was a nice walk under the shade of trees, although lil boy complained that he was so tired and kept asking when we were going to see the beach.


Checking all his equipment (sand toys) in the car


Going to the beach from Car Park E1 at 9 in the morning. We saw big trees, jogging track, bicycle track, and a pond for water sport play. There were some restaurants (including Mc’Donald) and food court along the way. It was a nice 15 minutes walk under the shelter of big trees.


People jogged, bikers with their bicycles, kids with their scooters, or parents pushed their children’s strollers were some of the things that we saw that morning

Castle Beach

Finally…………Castle Beach. I think it’s save to swim here since we saw some men swam here

Castle Beach

The castle at the beach

Castle Beach

Sitting area that can also be used for barbecue

Castle Beach

Going to play at the beach under the very hot morning sun

ECP Beach

Lil water boy loves the waves……….

Castle Beach

Playing with water and sun


How could he play under the sun for hours is still a mystery to me……

Castle Beach

PLaying in the playground before going home

ECP Playground

There are 3 sets of this kind of swings with 3 different colors (green, peach, and pink). The playground is located under the big trees, so it’s convenient to play even though it’s very hot


The park was not so crowded when we were there


Our favorite seesaw

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any places to shower after the sand playing, but there are toilets in the park. Nearby shower facility should be added to this place (or maybe there is but we couldn’t locate it).

For more information of East Coast Park, please check this website http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/index.php?option=com_visitorsguide&task=parks&id=14


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