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Singapore Zoo Night Safari

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Located in the Singapore Zoo area, we didn’t expect to see so many people in this place when we went there on Vesak Day last May. We actually wanted to see the new River Safari, but lil boy turned down the idea when he realized that the Amazonia River hasn’t been opened yet, so we switched the idea to the Night Safari.

Ticket price is $35 for adult and $23 for child (30% discount with NTUC Card), and opening hours is 7.30 to 12 pm. It was so crowded when we were there that we had to queue very long for the first tram ride and  to enter the animal show, and we even struggled to find good spots to watch the show since the good seats were all occupied by other people. After about 2 hours, people started to leave this place so the queue wasn’t so bad anymore. So maybe you can come late at night (around 8.30 or 9 am) so you won’t stuck in the crowd. I realized that most people left this place after the tram ride and the animal show, and not many were interested to take a walk in the trails. We took the tram ride twice and went home at 11.30 pm.

For lil boy who loves to know everything about the animals, this place is worth the visit. Overall this place is although very dark and big tress are everywhere, I must admit that this place is clean and not spooky at all. There were even no mosquitoes at all (to my surprise), so we didn’t have to use the mosquito repellent (thankfully cos I really hate the smell).

Most of the sightseeing must be done by riding the trams. We couldn’t use flash camera, so it was very hard for me to take good photos since it was very dark. It was a very interesting experience to see all the animals in dark mode, and we even spotted some of the animals walked very close to us (beside the tram). The guide gave very detail explanations about the animals too. Thankfully my lil boy who usually is afraid of the dark, didn’t show any fear that night. He said he didn’t feel scare at all. He was very excited.

After riding the tram, we saw the animal show which was very good and entertaining. We finally managed to sit quite close with the stage (somehow I spotted 3 seats left near the stage and was brave enough to beat the crowd from the very top to the bottom of the stage ). We really enjoyed the funny show with good MC too. Once again, no flash camera in here.

After the show, we went out to have dinner (the restaurant is located outside, so just ask for a stamp on your hand and come again if you want to after dinner). There were not many options, and I must say that the food is quite pricey, the portion was small, and the taste wasn’t so good. Even the french fries was tasteless and soggy.

Then we went inside again to see the trails. Looked like for us, walking in the forest in a very dark and quiet night to see the animals wasn’t such an amazing experience. So we decided to finish after walking in Wallaby and Fishing Cat Trails. Actually it was also because lil boy and some other children were afraid of bats too, so we decided to end the journey sooner and chose to have a safe trip far away from the bats  by riding the tram again!

It was a lovely visit for lil boy (although not for me or daddy I guess since he slept during the second tram ride!), and lil boy said he wants to come back again. Errrr….not for me! Being in the dark and surrounding by big trees and animals (and not able to see everything clearly) for hours didn’t make me comfortable enough to come back again. I guess we better visit the “ordinary zoo” next time.

Night Safari Entrance

The entrance to the Night Safari Zoo. Tickets must be purchased at the Singapore Zoo ticket counter

Night Safari Front

Taking photos before entering the zoo

Tumbuakar Show

Don’t forget to see the Tumbuakar Fire Show before entering the night safari zoo. The show was about some people “eating fire”. Many people skip the first performance to queue for the tram ride

Tram Ride

Curiously looking at the map before the tram ride begins. Although the queue was very long, but the staff managed all the people well and the next tram came very quick

Siberian Tiger

The photo of this Siberian Tiger is the only good picture I could take with my camera during the tram ride

Animal Show

Very entertaining animal show. The MC kept reminding us to take very good care of our nature and the animals


Our dinner ( 1 set of chicken rice for $17 and one set of duck rice for $17). We didn’t like the fries although we put much salt on top of it…..it still tasted terrible

Wallaby Trail

The Wallaby Trail, not a fond memory to walk in the dark between trees and unknown animals. The air that I breathe just felt different……….

It was absolutely a hot night, which was good since no shows had to be cancelled due to the rain. We saw new animals and learnt new things about night animals. There were many animals to be seen and it was absolutely a different experience to try to see everything in the dark.


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