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MOE ExCEL Fest 2013

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We received an invitation from lil boy’s school to attend MOE (Ministry of Education) ExCEL Festival 2013. It was going to be held in ITE College Central, Ang Mo Kio. Lil boy already said since 1.5 months ago that he would like to come to this event.

What is MOE ExCEL Fest? 

MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates exciting and innovative practices in schools. In here, you can find out more about the latest developments in Singapore’s education landscape.

ExCEL stands up for Excellence Through Continuous Enterprise & Learning. It is a government wide initiative to develop the capacity of public officers through continuous learning and improvement.  MOE ExCEL Fest is a platform to celebrate and share exciting, innovative practices in schools. This year, the MOE Pavilion provides a broad overview of MOE’s effort in delivering a Student-Centric, Value-Driven Education. It is guided by four main themes:

  • Every student, an engaged learner
  • Every teacher, a caring educator
  • Every parent, a supportive partner
  • Every school, a good school

There would be seminars, sharing sessions, Exhibition Booths to learn about the innovative practices in schools, and also Centrestage Performances. Some of the seminar themes are like: Character Development Through Sports, Raising a 21st Century Child in The Digital Age, Fostering Numeracy in Young Learners, Strategy to Learn Chinese Language, etc.

I wasn’t sure if we should go and see this exhibition (I thought it would be boring), but since lil boy insisted that we should be going, than off we went on a rainy Saturday morning. It only took 15 minutes by car and luckily there were many parking spots left when we arrived at 10.30 am. It was already quite crowded at that time (the exhibition opened at 10 am.).

Well, I must say that we had a great time there, not just for my kid, but also for the parents and guardians. This is absolutely a recommended event for students to attend. There were many things to do, new things to learn, souvenirs to collect, games to play, prizes to win, wonderful performances to see, and free ice cream for everyone.

ITE College Central is also a very nice place too. It is new, clean, bright, modern classes and laboratories, and great facilities too (amphitheater, football field, swimming pool). Wow, I am still amazed with all the facilities, and keep wondering how much money would we spend if my boy wants to study there someday?

To make the long story short, here is my recap of our fun day at MOE ExCEL Fest 2013:

Our first stop was the free ice cream counter. Yap, that’s right. As soon as we arrived and saw the ice cream stall, we hurriedly placed ourselves in the queue. The ice cream was made by Temasek Polytechnic Students. I think it’s not for sale in the market, which is too bad because the ice cream was amazingly delicious, fresh, had a very great taste, and really made us wanted to have it more and more. Seriously, we had 3 to 5 cups of ice cream each person, and we saw other people also did the same. Lil boy’s favorite was of course the french vanilla flavor, while the three of us craved for the mango flavor. I must say that the mango flavor was the best. The strawberry was also very nice, but still mango was on our top list. My mom asked where we could buy this…….well too bad we can’t. I give my highest praise for this wonderful taste of ice cream….the best strawberry and mango that I ever have (no preservatives or fruit essence smell and taste which I hate so much in most of the fruit flavor ice cream).

Ice Cream

Next we explored the exhibition in the second hall, and we hunted for souvenirs and prizes……………by playing games, participating in quiz, answering short questions, taking part in English and Math Challenge, etc. It was not just for children, but also for parents……very fun!


Free balloons……….we got four!

All right, enough of balloons and ice cream, now let’s get serious with our exploration journey:

MOE ExCEL Fest 2013

The exhibition in second floor

WE participated in bingo games to collect prizes

We participated in bingo games to collect prizes

MOE ExCEL Fest 2013

Various games that we played, including chapteh in right pictures

Games at MOE Fest

More games and quiz mean more points to earn. All games were actually very easy….no need to win or loose, just participate in the games and quiz and you’ll get points. Sometimes it was just as easy as giving simple parenting tips, exploring educational website, etc

Games at MOE Fest

Collecting our prizes

There was another way to collect souvenirs too, such as these:

MOE Fest

By taking pictures with cows with different occupation, we could collect souvenirs

MOE Fest 2013

Many things to learn on this festival. We could take pictures with various costumes (bottom right pictures) like chef costume, fireman, astronaut, policeman, racer, etc. But now matter how hard I tried, lil boy refused to wear on of those costumes………

From the exhibition hall, we continued to see the center stage performances in amphitheater from Primary and Secondary Students.


Some of the wonderful performances that we saw. I said (many times) that lil boy should join wushu team like all the kor kor in bottom left picture…..but he always says NOOOO………..

We also went to the fourth floor to see the school exhibitions. To our surprise, in most of the stands we were greeted by students. They were very fluent when explaining about their school programs. Check out this one conversation that we had in one booth:

Hi, would you like to see to our school exhibition and programs? 

Yes, of course

Thanks. My name is XXX and I’m from XXX Primary School. One of our school program is this eco garden (he/she would show us a small garden with plants). The school project started XXX years ago to (bla bla bla…..). At first we used paper and pencil to name all these plants, but now we’re using this (show his/her ipod touch/iphone). We just need to scan the bar code in every plants, and the explanation of this plant will appear in my ipod (showed us how he/she did it). Do you have any questions?

(thinking hard….really hard): No, I don’t

Would like to give us feedback about our school program?

Of course. By the way, how old are you?

I’m in Primary 4


Now would you like to see a video about our school program (went to the computer, opened a video, and explained what happened on the video)

After we had finished, “being a competitive parent”, I looked to my lil boy and said: “I’m sure you can do that when you’re in Primary 4!”

While daddy, “being a kepo parent”, looked at me and said: “How come all those students have their own ipod touch or iphone?”

MOE Fest

The student in green suit explained to us about his school program. Lil boy was busy playing on a board game created by secondary students (right pictures)

Before we went home, we stopped by in the canteen to have lunch, and it was surprising that the food was extremely cheap. Big portion, but cheap. Where else can you get that kind of food if not in the school canteen? I also took some picture of the college (inside and outside). I don’t know what subjects does this college offered to their students, but I found a  really big aeroplane………

MOE Fest

Aeroplane, swimming pool, athletic field and soccer field, modern classrooms……hmmm I wonder it will cost us if lil boy wants to study here someday……

After all, we thought that this event was really well prepared and arranged. There were many staff everywhere from outside the school (on the street before the car park entrance, even when it was raining), in the car park, and everywhere around the hall to help us if we needed anything. I think this is a must visit event for students and parents.

MOE Fest

At home, “counting our treasures…”


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