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Exploring KL March 2013 – Lake Gardens Playground


From National Science Center, our next stop was Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Perdana or Botanical Garden. Just say wahetever the name is to the taxi driver, they know exactly where to take you. The easiest way to get here is by taxi (only RM8 from Bukit Bintang). Taxi is cheap, that was why we loved taking taxi everywhere.

This is a huge park with jogging track, playgrounds, bird park, restaurants, lake, and other things which I do not know for sure because our main reason to visit this place was because of it’s: PLAYGROUND. I said that KLCC playground is very big…..but this one is even bigger. It has two themes playground: Dinosaur Park and Fantasy Island. We found everything that could make a child happy in here, from the slides, swings, bridges, castles, grass field, and even ice cream seller. Well, anyway it’s a super duper big playground and lil boy (once again) couldn’t believe his eyes with all the excitements ahead. So, as soon as he saw this playground, he run and screamed: “PLAYGROUND!”. Who said he was tired and hungry just few minutes before?

So, while I accompanied him running here and there (I was tired and the weather was very hot too), daddy tried his luck finding a restaurant nearby because we were so hungry………he finally found one quite far away from the playground. Aha….that was why everybody brought their own food and had their own picnic………..because as far as I could see there was nothing than the ice cream seller.

Well, actually, just before we wanted to go home, we found this sign “Food Stalls to the right” near the playground. But when we tried to look to the right (literally, because we had no intention of walking again), there was nothing, it probably needed another long walk to get there.

The playground itself is located near jalan Kebun Bunga. There is a map near the entrance door, so just look carefully at the map to locate the playground.

And here is how we spent our day in Lake Gardens Playground:

Lake Gardens Map

Looking at the map: where should we go?

Lake Gardens Playground


Lake Gardens

This playground consists of two areas: Dinosaur Park and…..

Lake Gardens Playground

Fantasy Island

Lake Gardens Playground

Thankfully there were no real dinosaurs………..just these cute pink and green dinosaurs

Lake Gardens Playground

Clown Dinosaur? Very funny and fun to play with………

Lake Gardens Playground

Crossing the bridge to this……..

Lake Gardens Playground

Fun slide! I never play in slide like this before……….it was so much fun than the usual slides

Lake Gardens Playground

Continue to play and climb up, up, and up………….

Hey....where are you going???

Hey….where are you going???

To the gingerbread man playground...or.......

To the gingerbread man playground…or…….

to the mushroom playground?

to the mushroom playground? What??? Not both of them? So you’re going to see……

The lake??? Hmm....I guess that's why they call this lake garden. But there's not much fun at the lake. So I'll say let's............

The lake??? Hmm….I guess that’s why they call this lake garden. But there’s not much fun at the lake. So I’ll say let’s…………

Slide again!

Slide again!

Lake Gardens Playground

And another slides………..

Lake Garden Playground

I’m bored with the slides, so I would try to make friend with that cute little girl…….but…..ouch! I dropped and my I bumped my nose and my head. I couldn’t cry in front of that cute girl…..so I’ve got to find mommy. Run to mommy!

Lake Garden Playground

So mommy said: ” just play with the swing” (still in my grumpy face). All right, I’m all done. I’m hungry to the max!

Bye bye Lake Gardens……I’ll be back to visit the Bird Park…….(mommy elus-elus dompet, dia kata murah kali ye…….)


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  1. suka ngeliat gardennya.. banyak pohon2 rimbun2 gitu… 🙂

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