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Exploring KL March 2013 – National Science Center

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National Science Center or Pusat Sains Negara is located at Bukit Kiara, far away from the hustle bustle of the city. Like the name “Bukit” which means hill in English, it is located on the hillside with beautiful view from the top.

The easiest way to go here from Bukit Bintang? Take a taxi (if you can, it is better to choose metered taxi), it will only cost you RM 15. I was so amazed with the taxi fare in KL………..so cheap comparing to Singapore and even Indonesia.

Going here was like finding a hidden treasure in KL. Why?

  1. Located far away from the city
  2. Spacious indoor and outdoor playground for children
  3. Full of wonderful learning materials for adults and children
  4. It even has fish in the big aquarium! See, that was why I didn’t take lil boy to Aquaria KLCC
  5. The price is (seriously)……………….SUPER CHEAP, only costs RM 15 for 2 adults and 1 child like us

So, if you bring your children to KL, my advice is to go visit this place. It is really worth the money.

It was super crowded when we went there, especially in the children playground and Kids Discovery Center, but we still had so much fun there. The children were all sweet, really knew how to queue and take turns. The second floor was not too crowded though, perhaps all the children spent all their energy in the first floor.

There was a Star Trek Exhibition in the second floor (with extra cost), but since none of us likes Star Trek, we didn’t enter the exhibition hall.

There is also a small food court outside the galleries, but daddy said the food didn’t look yummy at all, so we decided not to eat there.  The problem was, there were no food stalls nearby either. So, you better full your tummy before going here.

Transportation could be a problem too. We ordered taxi to go home through the reception counter, and after 30 minutes of waiting the reception said that the taxi didn’t want to come as it was so far away. So she suggested us to walk outside (which was far) and find our own taxi (in the middle of a “highway” with the speeding cars everywhere………….). Thank God when we went outside, there was 1 taxi parked by the roadside, and we assumed the driver was just resting for a while. Luckily, he didn’t hesitate to take us to our next destination.

For more information about this place, please visit: http://www.psn.gov.my/

After we bought our tickets, there was nobody checking our tickets in the entrance door……….so basically we just went in with their full trust on us (aren’t they afraid that people might cheat???), and the first galleries that we saw were Water, Light, and Wind:

National Science Center KL

Welcome to the first three zones………..


National Science Center KL

Wow…………….aquariums……..!  This is the entrance door

Water Zone PSN

Entering the first zone: Water Zone

Water Zone

Mini Sea World

Water Zone PSN

Hey, do you know how to clean the water and supply it for the city? Well, if you don’t, you can learn from here……………


Light Zone PSN

How to make light

Light Zone PSN

Light transmitter

Light Zone PSN

Still learning about lights


Wind Zone PSN

Entering the wind zone. Top right: making the plane fly by pressing the yellow button. Bottom pictures: the air harp makes a beautiful sound

Wind Zone

Making tornados

Wind Zone NSC

Control Air Flow……………our favorite. By opening one of the small doors, the air pressure from the door will make the balls go through the maze and find their way to the open door.


The next gallery, which was in the different room from Water, Light, and Wind Zone is Go Science and Math. We spent quite a long time here, since there were many interesting things to touch and try.

Go Science and Math

Go Science and Math

All about food, animals, humans, cells, DNA, genetics inheritance, etc…..

Science Zone

Can you lift up and balance yourselves?

Science Zone

Learn about magnet, pressure, and photosynthesis

Science Zone

Science is fun

Science Zone

Balls launcher (top pictures) is lil boy’s favorite

Science Zone

I hope my science lessons when I was in school were this fun

Little Man

Taking pictures with our (ancestors????) before leaving the gallery


The most fun part is of course: the playground……………….


Big playground consists of balls area, toddler playground, and playground for bigger children

KidzWorld PSN

Let’s play, play, and play

Foam Factory

Let’s launch the balls…………!!!


This place also brings so much fun for children. They even have special place for small children (toddlers). It is located inside the room with so many educational toys. For older children, they can try to experiment outside.

Kids Discovery

This place is actually meant for small children, that was why lil boy only spent so little time here

Kids Discovery

This is for older children with challenging experiments and learning materials

Kids Discovery

I’m a ……..frog astronaut???

All those galleries are in the first floor of Science Center. Next, we go to the second floor.


Second Floor

It even has many interesting things outside the galleries (in the big hall). The Star Trek Exhibition was also in the second floor


Next gallery………….it is all about flight and computers. We tried many different things and had so much fun here.


We tried to fly the plane………….

Flight and Comp

Flight and robots


There’s another gallery in the second floor, but we didn’t enter because we didn’t realize that it needs different ticket. Since we were too lazy to go downstairs to purchase the tickets and go up again, we decided to skip this gallery.

I must say that all the tools / learning materials here are very fun and easy to use. They make the children wondering what are these tools used for, so they eager to try them one by one. They broaden the children’s knowledge and also increase their awareness of their environment. They develop the children’s creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Not just for children, but adults can have loads of fun here too. Not just us, but we saw many adults (without their children) came here and queued to try the learning materials too.

Well, those are what you will see on the inside. On the outside, which are free to use (no need to purchase any tickets, you will find outdoor playground which is also fun). It’s called Science Wonderland.


Science Wonderland

If I’m not mistaken (since I saw from very far away), the right picture is a wet playground


This is the lobby area (very cold place) where we waited for out taxi. There’s a TV, nice sofas, some chairs, and wonderful view outside.


Well, that is the end of our visit to National Science Center. Lil boy said he wants to come back again and play in the Science Wonderland.

Mommy said: “Aye Aye Captain!”

Kids Playground Pusat Sains Negara


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