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KL (Kuala Lumpur) Trip March 2013 – From Singapore to KL


After much considerations of where to go on March school holiday (and also this trip was a birthday present for lil boy’s seventh birthday), we (I, to be exact because daddy just followed us wherever we would want to go) decided to go to KL for the first time. It was not my first option actually. My first option was Genting, but since this idea came  just  few days before school holiday started, it was kinda difficult to find hotels and transportation to Genting. All hotels near the theme park were fully booked. I was glad that we actually didn’t go to Genting, since I imagined it would sooo crowded inside the hotel and also the theme park, and it would stress us out. I thought KL would be a good option since this city is big enough with lots of things to see and places to go, so people wouldn’t gather in just one place like Genting which only has 1 big theme park (I couldn’t imagine the queue).

There are several transportation options available to go to KL. Being an adventurous person, I actually wanted to try different kinds of transportation choices to go to and from KL. What I did not know was, it would be so hard to choose different kinds of these transportation modes according to our likeness when it was very near to school holiday.

My review is as follows:

1. Night train from Woodlands Checkpoint was my first option. It is not just ordinary train, this train has compartments with choices of rooms with bunk beds with small bathroom inside, bunk beds with wash basin only, bunk beds only in one big sharing room, or even just the usual comfortable seats like bus seats. It will take about 7 hours to go to KL. It thrilled me to just imagine that we would spend the night sleeping in the train compartment just like in Western movies. The price is not cheap at all, especially when we want to take the first class with bathroom inside. It is recommended to go to Johor Bahru first than take the train to KL, since the price is half than when you take the train from Woodlands Checkpoint. Why? Because they quote the same price, but when you take the train from Singapore you have to pay in SGD, but if you take from Johor Bahru you can pay in Ringgit (cheaper almost 2.5 times). Tickets can be purchased in this website: www.ktmb.com.my

The problem was……tickets were sold out. Tickets were only available for usual seats, and besides even though we got the tickets, I had some consideration as follows:

  • It would take at least 2 hours just to go to Woodlands, than continue with 30 minutes journey to Woodlands Checkpoint, and go to Johor Bahru with train too, and then spend another 7 hours on train to KL. With our luggage and one little kid and two older people (my parents), it might be not a wise thing to do. Although my kid showed his enthusiasm just like me to spend the night on train, but considering the after effects that would follow (exhausted, tired, bored of the long journey), I decided to skips this option.
  • Besides all the hustle bustle of commuting by train like I wrote, the price itself was not cheap at all. It was very very expensive especially when we want to ride on the first or second class (with private compartment). After comparing with other transportation modes, I came to conclusion that there is a much cheaper and efficient way to go to KL, and that is by……..plane. Yes, you read it right, going by plane is much cheaper especially when you get the promo tickets. Not to mention the airport which is just 10 to 15 minutes away from where we live, and it is very convenient to wait for our flight in Changi Airport. But since it was quite late to get promo tickets, I was considering this second option

2. By Bus. It is quite cheap and there are many options too, from standard bus to luxury or VIP class bus. Bus tickets can be purchased through various websites in the internet.

My other problem with the bus was…………….tickets were sold out too at the time that we wanted to go. We were put in the waiting list which quite risky for me. Well, there are still several options, but since lil boy insisted on taking the double deck bus and I insisted that for our convenient we should ride in a luxury bus (the price is more expensive by 15 to 20 dollars only), than we had no other option than to take:

3. A plane, which I found out later after careful calculation, the price was actually the same or even can be cheaper than riding a bus. The time spent by train would probably the same as riding the bus since the check in time is 2 hours before departure, and plus another 1 hour with bus from KL airport to the city. But it is more convenient of course. After all, I couldn’t imagine that lil boy had to sit for 5 to 6 hours in the bus to KL, since he got cranky on our 1 hour journey with the bus from LCCT to the city.

Flights available from Singapore to KL are:

  • Budget airlines landed in LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) KL: Air Asia and Tiger Airwyas
  • Budget Airlines landed in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport): Jetstar
  • Silk Air and Malaysia Airlines landed in KLIA

I chose Tiger Airways from Singapore to KL since it was the cheapest one. For the return trip, I chose Jetstar since I didn’t want to wait for our plane in LCCT. I preferred KLIA as our waiting place. I still got very cheap rate with Jetstar although I had a very last minute booking, so I guess it was just plain luck.

Both flights were great and right on time. I took the very first flight with Tiger at 6.05 am and returned with the last flight of Jetstar at 11.30 pm. You see, that was why I chose to take our flight from KLIA instead of LCCT. Considering the waiting time for our journey home, it would be more comfortable for us to wait in KLIA.

It took 1 hour from SG to KL and 40 minutes from KL to SG. I think because LCCT is farther than KLIA (just my theory).

4. Another option will be driving (by car) from SG to KL which will take 6 to 7 hours. It looks like we will try this option once we have a car.

I really did some research and comparing this and that before I finally booked our plane tickets just two days before our departures. For school holiday season (mid March, June, mid September, mid November to December), it is best to book the train and bus tickets at least few weeks before. Plane tickets can be sold in promo prices at last minutes, so I monitored the price in their websites for few days before I finally bought our tickets.

Since our flight was at 6.05 am, we had to go from home at 3.30 am. I didn’t bought any seats to save cost, so I had to arrive earlier to get good seats for the five of us. The check in process was fast, and we got 5 seats in a row. I got discount price for baggage with NTUC Card, and also boardmefirst facility with this card, which turned out to be unnecessary since passengers with children may board first to the airplane.

Arriving in Changi Airport

Arriving in Changi Airport. As usual, when he was in holiday mood, it was an easy job to wake this boy up at 3 am.

Lil boy insisted that we pushed him everywhere with this luggage cart

Lil boy insisted that we pushed him everywhere with this luggage cart

Free massage

Free massage near the kids play area

Many things could be done while waiting

Many things could be done while waiting

We spotted these big things near the Sky train in Terminal 2

We spotted these big things near the Sky train in Terminal 2

We had breakfast with my homemade sausage roll and not my homemade cheese  bread

We had breakfast with my homemade sausage roll and not my homemade cheese bread

And now, we are ready to board with this plane:

Lil boy made this few days before our departure

Lil boy made this few days before our departure

Big smile and one last photo before everybody felt asleep in the plane

Big smile and one last photo shoot before everybody fell asleep in the plane

We’ll see you in KL…..


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  1. Thanks for a very informative report, we are travelling with our 7yr old daughter so the story was very helpful.

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