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Splashin’ Good Time in Wild Wild Wet


Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet

Location: Downtown East

When we went here: On daddy’s birthday on January 12th, 2013

We were here for 7 hours from 11 am. to 6 pm.

After a hard play in Wild Wild Wet, Rafael slept for 11 hours at night and another 3 hours at noon the following day. Plus I had to massage his hands and feet for several times because he said he was so tired, hahaha…..

We had 2 free tickets and 1 free ticket as “daddy’s birthday treat”, so we only had to add 1 child ticket. With the NTUC Card discount, we only need to pay less than $7. What a good bargain! We were there with my mom too.

We bring our own food (unlike water parks in Jakarta which always check our bags to make sure we don’t bring our own food and drink…..and must buy their very expensive food and drink), in Wild Wild Wet we are allowed to have picnics inside. But if you don’t bring your own food and drink, there are some food and beverages stalls with reasonable price inside. Or, you can buy food outside the swimming pool (there are many restaurants in Downtown East) and re-enter again.

One minute of sun block spray for $1 is available near the toilets (Bikini Bay for woman and Muscle Bay for man……cute names, aren’t they?). Lockers are also available near the toilets.

The toilets are clean, and there are even some shower rooms with hot water (but you need to queue of course). But we found the water in the usual shower rooms was not too cold ( no need to queue since there are many shower rooms).

“Air Picture” crews will roam around and take your pictures. You can buy the pictures (1 picture with frame plus 1 soft copy) for $10 each at the end of your visit.

Lil boy is getting higher, and with his height now, he is allowed to try all the water plays. And guess what…….he was very brave to try all of them! He kept asking for more and more. He never felt tired at all, climbing all the high stairs to slide down again and again. Daddy gave up at half the journey, so lil boy continued his adventures with me.

Lil boy was very brave to ride the high purple slide with very long dark tunnel. To tell you the truth, I was very scared at first, but lil boy insisted that I should try again. So after that, I always closed my eyes when sliding down.

Last one was the slide up. I told him I didn’t want to try because it was too scary for me, but he insisted to try. All right, so I had to carry the heavy float all by myself (which made my hands felt very stiff after that)….but thankfully I’m a Zena woman! Seriously, a woman younger than me who queued before us with her daughter gave up after she tried to carry the float. So I was surprised at how I could carry that heavy float all the way up!

And yap….it was very scary……………….

I screamed loud: ” Rafael….I told you…..it is scary…….whooooaaaa…..”

You should look at how pale the lil boy face was (which made me laugh after all of that was over). He couldn’t even scream……his mouth was shut! After that, he said he will never ever ride Slide Up again!

But I told him……”You were very brave and I am so proud of you. It’s oke to have that kind of experience for once in your life.”

My boy is getting bigger now…..he showed his courage which I never had seen before. I guess he is braver now because of his increasing age…..but on the other hand…..his parents are becoming more timid with the increasing of their age.

For more information, please visit their website at http://www.wildwildwet.com. Don’t forget that life jackets are provided for free in 4 different sizes in many places around this area, so it is highly recommended that children wear them.

The Professor Playground: designed specially for kids. The best part is: parents can slide together with their children! There are no lifeguards in this play area, so please keep watch over your children. But on the other area, lifeguards are everywhere and will assist you every time you need their help.

Professor's Playground-Wild Wild Wet

Professor's Playground-Wild Wild Wet

Professor's Playground-Wild Wild Wet

Professor's Playground-Wild Wild Wet

Professor's Playground-Wild Wild Wet

Ular-lah: The Best Ride! We liked it very much…………….

Ularlah-Wild Wild Wet


Ularlah-Wild Wild Wet

Slide Up: Must try or else you will feel sorry…..

Well, that's not us. Still upset because we don;t have our pictures up there

Well, that’s not us. Still upset because we don’t have our pictures up there

Waterworks: don’t breathe or cover your nose with your hand when you almost reach the water, I got the water into my nose the first  time although I already tried to hold my breath

Waterworks-Wild Wild Wet

Life Jackets: beware of the dark and long tunnel

Life Jackets-Wild Wild Wet

Don't worry about the hot sun or the falling of the rain. Beach chairs under the shelters are everywhere....

Don’t worry about the hot sun or the falling of the rain. Beach chairs under the shelters are everywhere….

Shiok River: It’s a lazy river surrounding this area. Get into the float (single or double or even triple) and floating around this pool under the warm sun or the drizzling of the rain. Love how lil boy had so much fun in here.

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Shiok River Wild Wild Wet

Tsunami: It’s The Wave Pool! Just wait for the wave and have so much fun floating yourself above the wave.

Mommy and me before "tsunami" came

Mommy and me before “tsunami” came



Before the wave

Before the wave

It's the wave. The wave is coming. Get ready now! It's so big....

It’s the wave. The wave is coming. Get ready now! It’s so big….




Baywatch Team……

We were having so much fun here that lil boy kept saying: I don’t wanna go home. I want to come again. When can we come again?”

But I said: ” Let’s try another water park……and “Adventure Cove Water Park”…….here we come…..just wait for us……………..!



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  2. It’s posted now. We also added the mommy pics. 🙂 Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

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