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Christmas Day At The Museum (National Museum of Singapore)

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After attending the Christmas service at 9 am in our church, we decided to participate in the museum open house day, and this time we visited Singapore National Museum. We have been here before as shown in my previous post, and since we came too late that the gallery was already closed, lil boy always wanted to visit this place again. On open house day, entrance to the museums (please check to the National Heritage Board website for further information which museums participate in the open house) and certain galleries are free.

We took the MRT to Cityhall and walked to the museum from there. This place is huge, big building and big grass field too. Many people, including me, like to take pictures in the open space area cause it’s beautiful. Too bad lil boy refused to take pictures here, mostly because he was afraid of this:

Greeted by this

Greeted by five sculptures (above left picture) that scared lil boy, but the overall view is very nice


The unique and antic buildings, very pretty. We have similar buildings in Jakarta, but most of them not in very good condition. This is suitable for pre wedding photography

We entered the big building, and I think we were in the basement floor when we saw this photo exhibition gallery:


Photo Shooting Gallery


I like the pictures in the bottom left and right, very funny…….

Since there was nothing else to see, we went upstairs to see if there were some kids activities on Christmas Day.


The inside view of the museum

Outside view from the inside

Too bad there weren’t any activities that day. We were hoping to see some kids activities like on National Day, but the hall was empty.

Ok, so we continued the journey to Singapore Living Gallery in second floor. We had to queue for about 10 minutes before we could enter the gallery. We entered in group. The staff gave explanation to our group and gave each of us an audio visual tool, like a small ipad with earphones. He explained how to use the tool to help us on our journey inside the gallery. It would explain everything that we see inside. Since my son is not 7 years old yet, he didn’t get this tool. So I gave him mine. Although we entered in group, but inside we could walk and continue to explore on our own. The time distance between each group helped making the journey inside more convenient for all of us.

Entering the gallery and adjusting the tool to lil boy's convenient

Entering the gallery and adjusting the tool to lil boy’s convenience

The display on the audio visual tool.

The display on the audio visual tool. There are numbers on the floor for each category. We had to enter the number and the display will change like the above pictures. Press play to listen to every in information

There are movies, tools, materials displays, pictures, etc in the big halls. To know all the details and listen to every information, you probably will need 4 hours (minimum time). We were there for 3 hours (probably more), and we were not done yet listening to all the information and looking to every display.

To tell the truth, I was kind of boring inside. I never really like history and all I liked to do was taking pictures and take a glimpse of the displays. And since I forgot to bring my camera and only brought my iphone, I couldn’t take good pictures, and that was why I was so bored because it was quite dark inside and my iphone was certainly not good for taking pictures in the dark.

Surprisingly, my son was really a truly museum lover. He was very serious in listening to every detail. He looked on the display carefully, and insisted on finding all the numbers in his audio visual tool. If he got tired, he would sit on the floor while listened to the information. Until he said that he was very hungry and needed something to eat. But he said he wanted to comeback again after eating to see the rest of the display, which I said: “Nooooo…….”.

He was not very happy with our decision not to comeback again after eating, so we tried to look around for other things that we haven’t seen. But this time without listening to the audio visual too, which make the journey faster than ever. Well, just consider we had seen everything and our trip was over. He was quite happy when he entered the restaurant across the museum, because he was super hungry by that time.

It was a good decision not to come back again, since after we finished with our food, we crossed the street to Bras Basah MRT and found the Singapore Art Museum again (for the second time) in front of us. I will blog about our second visit in SAM in my next post.

My final review about National Museum:

After we finished our exploration in Singapore Living Gallery, we went out to third floor to see if there was anything else to see. Well, there was not. So, it was quite a surprise for us that actually in this very big building, the only interesting thing to do is to enter The Living Gallery. Many empty spaces in those big halls. But if you are interested in history, this place is worth to visit. The Singapore Living Gallery is very huge and full of materials from ancient times.

The toilets are clean, but I didn’t see any drinking water machine. There is a restaurant (bistro if I’m not mistaken) inside. The building view is beautiful outside and inside.

Some of the displays:

Clothes, jewelry, and broken ceramics

Clothes, jewelry, and broken ceramics

Our everyday things

Our everyday things

Old time biscuits

Old time biscuits

I found a bible............

I found a bible…………

Other displays, including the colonialism era

Other displays, including the colonialism era

Listen carefully and seriously to the explanation from his tool

Listen carefully and seriously to the explanation from his tool


A museum lover…………..I hope he will still be a museum lover when he grows up


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