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Almost New Year In Marche Somerset


On 30th December 2012, we decided to spend the day in Orchard Area. There were some options, but lil boy finally decided that he wanted to play and eat in the Orchard Area. Since we got the whole free day, we planned to visit Marche Somerset and Paragon Orchard for 2 play sessions for lil boy. Considering how small the playgrounds are in those two places, I always wonder what attract this kid to play here for hours and make him keep coming back.

Plus, we wanted to try our luck visiting Orchard street at night. We always wanted to take pictures under the Orchard lights before Christmas, but every time we were in Orchard in the evening or at night for a photo session……….it was always raining. Well, all we could do was hoping that the weather would be nice that day.

It was very hot when we left home. After a short debate on the MRT, we decided to go to Marche Somerset first. This would be our second visit. Our first visit was documented in here. Besides playing in the playground, we (all of us including lil boy), would like to try other food as well, especially their “super long queue” Swiss Rosti. I wanted to take more pictures outside and inside, so I was ready with my camera too.

There is a bakery outside the restaurant, and I always see long queue every time I pass by this bakery. The taste must be good. We never try to buy anything from here, since we don’t find our favorite bread in here (anything with cheese and chocolate is quite rare in here).

To go into the restaurant in the basement floor, we must enter through the bakery door and go down one level by stairs (there is an elevator too for those who need it). You will find nice decoration along the stairs that lead to the basement floor. Sheep, Europe country home, and other kampong style decoration are very dominant in here.

Outside the restaurant

Outside the restaurant

Upon entering the restaurant, we were given cards (like credit cards) that will be swiped by the staff every time we buy food or drink. We only needed to pay for all the food and drink at the cashier before going out from the restaurant. It sounded easy and practical, but people will also tend to buy more food and drink as they never really have to pay until they finish. I noticed people around me ordered more than one kind of food or drink for themselves. Plus, the very cozy ambiance made people stay longer to chat with their friends and families, meaning that they would probably order more food and drink.

A small gift for lil boy and our cards

A small gift for lil boy and our cards

As usual, lil boy played here for hours (around four hours…..I had to force him to stop so we could continue to another place). The good thing was, we felt convenient sitting for hours there, as the staff never seemed to bother at all. Although we already finished our food and drink, but the staff were still nice and friendly, they didn’t rush to clean our table, or gave us “the annoying look” ( in some restaurants, the staff wish we are out as soon as possible when we are done with our food). And, although this is actually a food court (expensive one) and can be very crowded at certain hours, but nobody ever queued next to our table and wished us to leave soon so they could sit there.

Thankfully, at that time we got our seats next to the children playground. So it was very easy to watch after him while sitting or eating or drinking. It was very convenient for lil boy too cause “he always forgets to eat when he’s playing”, cause he could play, came to eat, went back to the playground, came back to eat, and so on until he finished his food.

Our table which was next to the playground (left picture). Lil boy just had to climb the playground gate when he needed to ask daddy to fix his train (right picture)

Our table which was next to the playground (left picture). Lil boy just had to climb the playground gate when he needed to ask daddy to fix his train (right picture).

While lil boy was playing, we walked around this place to take some pictures:

The bar table and the souvenir display

The bar table and the souvenir display

The food (but we were not hungry yet).

The food (but we were not hungry yet). Sauce and spice bar (top left), salad (top right), paela/Spanish fried rice (bottom left), chocolate fondue (bottom right)

Since we all already had our breakfast before we came here, so as the start we only ordered a drink.

My choice : strawberry lemonade (bottom right). Slurp......very fresh.....I liked it

My choice : strawberry lemonade (bottom right). Slurp……very fresh…..I liked it

Next came the dessert.

The mouthwatering food at the dessert bar

The mouthwatering food at the dessert bar

Our order: sweet crepes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Our order: sweet crepes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Well, at least the vanilla ice cream could made lil boy stop playing and finished once scoop of ice cream. After that, he went back to the playground.

Small but fun playground

Small but fun playground

We were hungry (exluded lil boy), so we decided to have our lunch first.

Chicken roasted crepes

Chicken roasted crepes

Without lil boy’s permission (he said he wasn’t hungry and still wanted to play), I ordered him rosti with chicken cheese sausage. The queue were very long as usual. Rosti is made from potatoes, so I knew lil boy must liked this.

Marche Somerset

I insisted that he ate first before he could continue playing. He was very hungry……you can tell by the way he eats….but he didn’t want to stay to finish his food, so he ate a spoonful of this food, played again, came back for another spoonful, and so on.

He even had his "shortcut" (that was what he said) to go to his table and go back to the playground

He even had his “shortcut” (that was what he said) to go to his table and go back to the playground

I found the rosti was quite bland, but the sausage was good. It should be eaten with the sour cream, but none of us liked it. The savory crepes were good, and of course all of us liked the ice cream.

After enough playing and eating, now it was time to continue our journey to Paragon Orchard, but while waiting for daddy to pay in the cashier, I took a picture of lil boy near the Christmas tree.

Free balloon for children, grab it yourself

Free balloon for children, grab it yourself

We also found another nice spot for taking photos outside Marche, which was inside the mall. Here we are with the Santa sleigh and glowing Christmas tree:

Happy New Year......(very late to say it.....)

Happy New Year……(very late to say it…..)

So anyway, it was raining heavily when we arrived at Orchard, and kept raining even though we already spent 2 hours in Paragon and 1 hour in Takashimaya. So, we didn’t take any photos since it was very difficult with all the bags and the umbrellas. Lil boy slept on the bus that daddy had to carry him home from the bus stop. He continued sleeping until 7 am. in the morning…..wow…he must be super tired with all his adventure play.


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Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

4 thoughts on “Almost New Year In Marche Somerset

  1. jadi kangen ama marche…
    jaman kuliah dulu suka makan di marche yang di grand melia kuningan. udah lama banget ya…. hahaha

  2. emank rosti nya marche ngga begitu enak ya… g jg ga suka wkwkwk… tapi suka crepes nya… sama chocolate mousse nya enakkkk.. klo cake2 nya agak kasar menurut gw hehehe..

    • Marche mahal sih tapi rame banget, dan itu orang kalo pesen makanan suka gak kira2 deh, kemaren ada 1 pasangan masing2 pesen makan berat 3 kali blm tmsk minum…. Terus dessert sepiring lagi……kepo bener ya gua ngeliat liat hihihi….. Maklum berjam jam di sana nungguin anak main ya plg enak emang ngeliatin pesenan orang2

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