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Birdz of Play Jurong Bird Park

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The wet and dry playground in Jurong Bird Park called “Birdz of Play is actually quite new. It was still under construction when we visited Jurong Bird Park  last year. This (Birdz of Play) is the main reason why lil boy insisted on going back to Jurong Bird Park.

This playground is big, new, clean, has a wet and dry area, and ice cream stand, and a souvenir kiosk. The dry area is fulled with many interesting plays for children. The wet area is also loaded with fun with the big water bucket, water gun, fountains, slides, and puddle everywhere.

Afraid of the rain that might came in the afternoon, we played here as soon as we arrived at about 9 am. Surprisingly, there were few children here already. But it wasn’t too crowded, so it was very convenient to play here. There weren’t many shelters, so it was very hot while we were there in the morning. Alternatively, you can sit near the souvenir shop to get covered from the sun and the rain. But it is hard to watch the children while they are playing because it is located quite far from the playground.

When we went there again in the afternoon at around 4 pm……this place was soooo……crowded and packed with people. Too crowded! And it was cloudy, drizzling, and raining very hard. So it’s better to play in the morning before many people arrived here.

Birdz of Play is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm. This place is equipped with clean toilets, outside and inside water showers, nursery room, and hot water for baby milk. I must say that the toilets and shower areas really impressed me…..very clean and spacious with greenery  nuance (wood color for the floor, green plants inside the toilet, and wooden bench inside and outside the toilet). I like it very much.

The decoration of the wet area is…..of course…..fulled with many kinds of birds sculpture…….and in big size. Very nice because we’ve never seen anything like this before. The design is different from the other water plays, very unique and eye catching. This place is also not far away from the entrance door, so very easy to be found.


The front side of Birdz of Play is facing “Wetlands” Area


Going to the playground…..it is jut an imaginary clock, it doesn’t tell time correctly (left picture)


The map of Birdz of Play

Outside Shower

Outside Shower with a bench to put your bags

Inside Toilet

Inside Toilet. Love the brown bamboo as replacement of the walls


Can I have this shower bathroom at home???


Yippee……the dry playground


Having fun under the hot sun

Slide and swing

Slide and swing (we really had to figure out how to use this swing……….never saw the swing like this before)


“I have to conquer this birdge….”


My favorite play when I was a child. But it was higher and longer that time. My big sister and I used to play in the Kelapa Gading Playground (now the place has became Mall Kelapa Gading and Pasar Mandiri). Back then, it was a huge playground with bicycle path, library, swings, slide, rumah hantu, and other interesting plays for children, and for free!. I miss that big playground…..can we move the mall to somewhere else???


Big birds invasions on the wet playground


He was afraid of the tunnel slide (when he was smaller)…..and now he’s crazy for it! Tunnel slide is his favorite now……….


Chased by the ducks…….

Splash Zone

And now we’re entering the splash zone

I don't like being chased by the ducks or got flushed by the water bucket, so I'll just stay in this shallow pool

I don’t like being chased by the ducks or got flushed by the water bucket, so I’ll just stay in this shallow pool

Heiiiii....Hooo......I'm a pirate and I'm going back home to my pirate ship

Heiiiii….Hooo……I’m a pirate and I’m going back home to my pirate ship…..

We loveeeee Birdz of Play very much. Many spaces fro children to run freely. Children will certainly have so much fun in here. But too bad the location is very far from where we live. It took us 2 hours to go here and another 2 hours to go home. But it was worth the time. It was an enjoyable day for us after all.


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