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(Not The Usual) Playground in Junction8

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Since I became a mother more than six years ago, I have became a very detail travel planner. Not just when visiting new places in other countries or cities, but even when we’re going to visit the malls, especially new malls. I always find out first (in their websites or based on people references in their blogs) where the restaurants / food court / bakeries located, special stores like the bookstores or sport stores or toy store or kids clothes store,  library nearby, and playground near or inside the malls. Not to forget the many options of transportation to go to and from the malls. Transportation alternatives are very important because sometimes the MRT or bus can be very crowded after office hour or in certain times during weekend, thus we have to switch to another option so we can go home in a more convenient way.

Besides, by trying different routes of buses, we can wider our knowledge about other areas in Singapore that can’t be seen if we always ride on the MRT. This really helps since I learn new places when sitting on top of the bus (if the bus is a double decker bus) and looking around the streets. I spot some playgrounds, malls, swimming pool, library, fishing place, etc….and plan another visits to all those places after I saw them from the bus. Now I know how to go to Sengkang, AMK, Hougang, and other places in an easier way (not by MRT because it will be too far).

When we wanted to visit Junction8 in Bishan (opposite Bishan MRT), I did a little surveyed on the internet and found out that there is a playground in this mall. Not many people aware about this play area since I only found very few references on the internet. It is actually an outdoor playground. The playground itself really doesn’t look like any other playgrounds in other malls.

I predicted it would be rain at noon as usual, but I really wanted lil boy to also play here, so I brought extra clothes and socks for him. My plan was to let him play after the rain (usually the rain will stop less than one or two hours), the playground of course would get very wet but it’s ok since I already prepared extra clothes. And it happened just the way I figured it out. It was raining when we were till on the bus to the mall, but after that we watched Smurfs Live Show first, than we went to the playground. The rain had already stopped by that time, but the playground was still very wet. Lil boy played there for more than an hour and get all his clothes very wet, but it didn’t matter for me.

The playground is located in third floor, next to Haagen Daaz. It is very easy to locate this play area since the mall is not too big and the we can see the playground behind a transparent door.

Why this playground is different from other playgrounds?

Because the main attraction of this playground

Because the main attraction of this playground is the big and challenging “cave like” with wavy and flaps for kids to climb and explore. There is also a grey slide in one side which is very enjoyable to cater the kids sliding need

At first, it was very difficult for lil boy to climb up with his shoes on, but after I asked him to put his shoes off and only wore his socks, it became a very easy adventure for him. He climbed up and down more than ten times!

Junction8 Playground

All the fun climbing up

Climb up to the highest place

Climb up to the highest place

Slide down as the reward after all the hard works of climbing up

Slide down as the reward after all the hard works of climbing up

Besides all the fun of climbing up and down, there are other plays as well like these:

Swing in front of this beautiful and eye catching graffiti

Swing in front of this beautiful and eye catching graffiti

Seesaw and bouncer to add the fun

Seesaw and bouncer to add the fun

There is a small garden around this playground where people can just sit, eat, or have a nice chit chat with friends

The garden with many empty spaces

The garden with many empty spaces

If your child not tired after climbing the big cage, here’s another one to waste their energy and increase their appetite:

Hexagonal Climbing Structure, quite difficult for little children

Hexagonal Climbing Structure, quite difficult for little children

It was so fun since the weather was not hot at all, after all we enjoyed our time in this not so small small playground.


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