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Canopy At Changi T1 Departure Hall


Canopy claimed itself as “First Forest Theme Indoor Playground that comes with play structures that are designed to be safe and fun. Children aged 18 months to 12 years old can choose to bounce on the trampoline or slide down one of the tunnel slides while parents take a break and do some plane spotting”. (taken from Changi Highlights). 

Playground with forest decoration on the outside, while on the inside is just the same like any other playgrounds

The playground with slides, bounce, and tunnels

Well, it is actually a “not so big” play area inside Changi T1 Departure Hall. From the check in counter rows, go up with the escalator located in front of the kinetic rain / elevator / behind Customer Service Counter. This level is where Aston, KFC, and other restaurants located. Just walk until you reach the viewing mall (where you can see planes and other things inside the departure hall). The playground is located near the viewing mall.

Simply spent $50 in one single receipt anywhere in the airport to play here for 30 minutes, or you can pay $6 for 30 minutes of play. We came here twice (first was on weekend and second was on weekdays) at around 8 pm, and the playground wasn’t very crowded. We only saw few children played here. My son played more than 1 hour every time we visited this place although we only gave one $50 receipt (not only him, but some other kids too). I think they will let the children play a little longer when the place isn’t too crowded. It looks like not many people aware of this place.

The highlights of this place are of course the trampoline (bouncy castle), the slides, and the tunnels. Lil boy played with his new friends every time we came here. Although the place was always super cold when we came, lil boy always sweated so much because he could’t stop running and jumping and screaming.

Bouncing with joy

Playing hide and seek in this small place?

Boys Play……….

While the children play, parents can wait in the very big lounge with chairs near the playground, watching the planes, or eating in the restaurants nearby. I think this playground opens until night, because last time lil boy played until 9.30 pm.

The viewing gallery and waiting places

The last time we visited this place, they added a new drawing counter in front of Canopy. Unlike other drawing places around Changi, this place didn’t have many visitors. So there were still many good crayons in full colors to pick, and lil boy didn’t have to queue to get the spot he wanted.

Drawing together with a new friend from Loyang Pri before going home (wow….neighbours…)


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2 thoughts on “Canopy At Changi T1 Departure Hall

  1. ko tempat nya sepi banget mbak ??

    • Iya, kayaknya sih karena emang banyak yang gak tau tempat ini, dan gak terlalu diiklanin juga sih. Tempatnya terpencil banget,kalo gak betul2 nyari sih gak bakalan ketemu. Dan lagian di sini karena sepi dan mojok isinya jadi kebanyakan orang pacaran deh, hihihi……

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