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Gardens By The Bay – Cloud Forest

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Finally, we visited Gardens By The Bay last Saturday. The idea just came up suddenly. We were confused of where to go last weekend, but finally made a decision to go to Cloud Forest and Flower Dome in Gardens By The Bay. After visiting Bay South Garden in Gardens By The Bay, lil boy got very curious about what is inside Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, and since the entrance fee is quite expensive (in my opinion but perhaps not for other people because the place was super crowded when we came), we decided to postpone the visit a few times.

This place is opened from 9 am to 9 pm. We packed our lunch and cupcakes for snacks and headed from home at 12 am. I read some information that it will be slightly cold in Cloud Forest, so we brought our jackets along with us. To get here, board the MRT and alight at Bayfront Station, than follow the signs (they are everywhere and very clear). If you come from Marina Bay MRT, than take bus number 400 and alight at Gardens By The Bay.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest from Dragonfly Lake

When we arrived at the ticketing counter at 1 am, there was already a  long queue, but there were many ticketing counters so the line moved very fast. Lil boy got confused of where to go first, so I suggested that we go to Cloud Forest first, and he agreed, and it was a good decision…..I’ll explain later about this.

Ticket price for both conservatories is $20 for adults and $12 for children (for local residence including EP and DP Pass Holder). Ticket price for foreigner is $28. 10% discount is applied for NTUC Card Member. After the discount, we paid $74…….I still think this is expensive…..but it was pretty inside…..so never mind and let’s just enjoy the day.

Toilets and drinking water can be found almost everywhere. When we went there, the toilets were in good and clean condition. There are some restaurants outside and inside the Flower Dome. We found many big chairs near the ticketing counter, where people just sat and children roamed around here. We had our picnic lunch here, since we couldn’t eat and drink inside. There is a small stall selling drinking water and ice cream near the exit door of Cloud Forest….and it was very crowded with people buying ice cream. Of course lil boy asked for ice cream at the end of the day……..

Sitting in one of the crocodile chairs near the ticketing counter while holding the ticket

It is quite cold inside the Cloud Forest, so please bring your jackets. Cloud Forest is like a big miniature of rain forest with it’s waterfall, artificial rain, trees, birds sounds, artificial stalactites, and animal sculptures. This is a seven storeys place, so this is how you visit this place……first you come through the third floor, that queuing for the elevator to go up to level 6, take the escalator one level up to seventh floor, and take the escalator down to sixth floor, fifth floor, and so on until you reach the Secret Garden in first floor. Then you go out from first floor, and if you one to re-enter, you can ask for a stamp in your hand. In that way you can re-enter again and again for the same day.

People seemed to go to Flower Dome first, since it is located in front of the Cloud Forest. My suggestion is, go to Cloud Forest first. When we arrived here, there weren’t many people here so we didn’t have to queue to go up with the elevator. When we came back in the afternoon around 6 pm, the queue was super long (seriously……..) that some people decided to go up to the sixth floor by the stairs. Lil boy only wanted to visit the Secret Garden, so it was easy for us to just take one level down with the stairs.

Although the Cloud Forest is so big, but the hall is not to wide to cater so many people in the afternoon). Yes, you can still walk and do the sightseeing properly, but it will be so difficult to take decent photos and stop in one spot for a long time since people are waiting behind you). This is what happened to us when we came back in the afternoon……I didn’t take any photos again that afternoon since it was almost impossible to stop and take good photos. It was so difficult to even walk in the Secret Garden, and when some people stopped for quite a long time, the people behind them would say: “Excuse me, can you walk….”. People were queuing to take photos in some good spots.It wasn’t too comfortable in the evening, which was every different when we came a few hours before.

So, my suggestion is to visit Cloud Forest too before entering the Flower Dome. Flower Dome was also very crowded when we came, but it is a big and huge hall and very wide too…..so it was still very comfortable although in some good spots we found it very difficult to take pictures without other people around us. There are many big wooden chairs inside the Flower Dome, lil boy even tried to sleep in one of those chairs for a few minutes. Lil boy run around here and there excitedly because there are big free spaces everywhere. I think it is just like having you own backyard garden here.

So now, let me take you to a journey to the Cloud Forest….from the Lost World to the Secret Garden………

Upon entering the Cloud Forest, we were greeted by the big wind and cold weather and this big waterfalls which was awesome…..the best place in Cloud Forest. We didn’t have to queue to take photos here, but in the evening this place was packed with people taking photos

Our long journey from the falls to the lost garden and down to the secret garden


It is rather gloomy, wet, and cold here. I kept throwing the idea of having a camp wit a real tent here….but lil boy kept refusing because he was afraid of the dark, hahaha……It was nice because we felt that the cold didn’t come from the air con but from the trees and waterfalls (just our imagination of course…….). There are some wooden chairs too here (not too many), but I didn’t see many people sat here actually. Of course we’d rather go and walk than sit here. These are the pictures surrounding The Water Falls.

Wet wet wet……artificial rain of course…..
But since I loveee rain so much, I pretended that it was real rain and soooo….refreshing…..

Lil boy was still in a very good mood, so I could take pictures of him smiling easily……but not so long after this…..he refused to be photographed and kept walking every time I ask him to pose……                Nice and colorful flowers behind him

If lil boy didn’t want to pose, than mommy would take his spot to pose….and after this you will see sooo….many pictures of me…..

On the way to the elevator

This reminded me of “Patung Asmat”…..but I guess not….

Next, we went up to the LOST WORLD

I imagined that The Lost World was something like a hidden place among the river, big trees, strange flowers, and big caves. A very old fashioned place, rather gloomy and dark, with twigs hanging around everywhere, and quite spooky. Well, since I had no other explanation about why they call this place “a lost world”, then let’s just rely on my imagination……Well, it is not 100% wrong, but this place isn’t dark at all, it is bright and shiny, and not spooky at all. But yes, there are river, artificial crocodile, flowers, stones, etc. This place is connected to the sixth floor (Cavern) with a long bridge. I didn’t even notice where the cavern was, and I can’t identify the cavern in my pictures, so I just put them (The Lost World and The Cavern) in all these pictures together.

His happy mood upon entering the Lost World.
Do you see the big tree trunk behind him? We pretended that the tree is a hundred year old……, and those flowers are just beautiful….

Another pretty flowers….Can we take them home???

Finally, the river! What is lost world without an Amazone River???

This is how we see the third floor from above…..very big and beautiful dome, isn’t it?

Walking in the bridge that connects the seventh floor and the sixth floor

Maybe this is what they call the cavern…………… Look behind me, they do look like hidden caves right?

Perfect match!
I love the mountain trees behind us, it’s full of trees and beautiful flowers. We could also hear the chirping birds here (from the speaker of course), but lil boy kept looking for the birds……

The bridge…photo taken from the third floor

Up next is the Crystal Mountain, connected with the treetop walk, and continue to the Waterfall View

Crystal Mountain from one floor ahead.
full of window glasses (above) and miniatures of stalactites (below)

Taking pictures in one of those glasses above us

The only “not so bad” photo in front of the white crystals…..

He preferred to play with the sand instead…..

Black Crystals??? Well, actually they are black stone with small and sharp black crystals inside

Now let’s go to the Treetop Walk

Let’s start walking from here…
The smiling flowers in the right are the same flowers that smile behind daddy

There are many information about the cloud forest habitat along the way, and lil boy read most of them with high curiosity

Touch and feel the plant….ouch, very sharp!

Strike a pose in The Treetop Walk……nice cos’ lil boy gave his big smile….

At the edge of the treetop walk

We could see the secret garden from above

Follow the sign to the waterfall view

Behind the waterfall, this place is hidden behind the trees and dark hall

All about the water as our vital resources

After this, we went to the dark room called THE EARTH CHECK

This is a place where we can learn many things about our earth…..from the climate changes, forest, the journey of out water, etc. There is also a big screen which playing the movie about our earth. People seemed to show high interest in here (including watching the movie about our loving earth).

Do you know how many forests has burned until now? Check the number in the bottom left picture

Watching the movie about earth, sea, flood, etc

The story of Gardens By The Bay……

From here, there is an exit door to the SECRET GARDEN

Yap, we are in Secret Garden now……kind of remind me of my childhood movie story
This is quite resemble with my imagination of this place

We’re not afraid of crocodile…..this one can not bite!

The giant snail and the crocodile really ruined my imagination of the secret garden

Another perfect match in the secret garden. We posed because lil boy didn’t want to pose anymore. He just walked away while screaming saying “I’M HUNGRY…..!!!

Since the hungry boy is nowhere to be find (he walked to the exit door with my mom), I had to hurry up too and ended up with this blur picture

Last picture with the doorman with a scary face….

We went out and find a nice spot to have our lunch in one of the long wooden chairs. This place was full with people (just sitting outside and not going inside the garden).

Eating lunch with homemade chicken grill (definitely not me who cooked this…)

Playing with the lions and elephants in front of the Exit Door of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

With our tummies full, we headed to the next direction, which was The Flower Dome……


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