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Mint Museum Of Toys


Location: 26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382

Opening Hours: Daily, 9.30am to 6.30pm

Admission Charge: Adult $15 and Child $7,5

How to get here?

From City Hall MRT, take exit A. Turn rigth, walk straight, and turn left. Walk until you find Raffles Hotel, then turn left. Walk until you reach the backside of Raffel Hotel, cross the street, and the museum is in the middle of the shops and cafes.

We bought entry voucher from Groupon, so we got 50% discount, thus we only need to pay $15 for two adults.

What is Mint Museum of Toys? As taken from their website (www.emint.com), this is the definition:

A private museum that showcases an extensive collection of vintage toys, including rare and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. It is considered to be the largest collection of its kind within Southeast Asia, with more than 50,000 pieces of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from more than 40 countries, including Singapore, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, the United States, and even Bulgaria. The collection ranges from the mid-19th Century to the mid-20th Century.

One of the objectives of the museum is to reach out to the child in every one of us, giving visitors an emotional link to their childhood, one which has often been long forgotten. In addition, a visit to the museum is also a journey of discovery. More than mere playthings, the vintage toys on display reflect interesting international cultural trends and historically accurate events that have taken place over the centuries. Each of them tells a different story that represents the era in which they were made in which they were made in. 

Ok, that what was shown on the official website, and now is my review below:

Located in the street just in front of Bras Basah Complex (the backside and not the front side), we almost missed it because it is actually hidden among other shops and restaurants with not too big signboard stated “Mint Museum of Toys”. The first floor where we entered is  a small cafe and souvenir shop. There are many restaurants along this street and I saw most of them had many visitors (which I assume the food must be pretty good). I would like to try the stall that sells Chicken Rice (which had the many visitors on that day) once in a while, or maybe even try other stalls too as I found all of them quite interesting.

The museum itself has 1 basement (extended restaurant I suppose), 5 floors, and 1 rooftop bar. We didn’t go to the rooftop bar so I can’t review it, and we also didn’t try Mr. Punch Restaurant (as they named it) so I can not give comments on their food and drink. But we did explored all the five floors, took many many pictures, posed with the almost all characters and posters, and will certainly load this post with soooo……many pictures of our visit.

Don’t imagine this place as a big place like the museum we have visited before. This place is actually quite small although consists of 5 floors, and looks like the owner really fully utilize every space to display all toys, characters, old comic books, and posters. If you’re as old as me, than you will really recognize almost all the characters and toys from the past. Daddy said he used to have most of the old comics when he was small, and we imagined if he kept all those books he might have sold them and make much money and became rich! What a wish!!!

We bought the extra ticket for lil boy in first floor, and the staff there suggested that we took the elevator to fifth floor, and then down the stairs all the way to first floor again. There is only 1 toilet in fifth floor behind the white door, and it’s clean. There is a mezzanine in every floor (a small storey that has one shelf to display toys or books or characters).

And now let’s enter the museum and get down all the way from fifth floor to first floor again:

First Floor

We were greeted by ……Astro Boy

The souvenir shop in level one

The elevator in Halloween theme took us all the way up

Fifth Floor

These are what we are going to see in fifth floor, not my favorite characters actually, but daddy used to like them a lot….

The old posters….ales and whisky……I wonder from what year were they???

Star Wars Movie Poster, we’re absolutely not a big fan of Star Wars…so we have no clue about The Empires Strikes Back Movie….

All about spaceship and robots

Our childhood TV heroes are all here

The collection in the mezzanine floor: from Astro Boy to Flash Gordon and other things

Fourth Floor

Going down the fourth floor

We certainly love Tintin……

and we definitely loveeee…..Popeye too

and the bears….and Pinocchio…….they’re so cute…..

but Godzilla……?? Mmm…..maybe not……..

Third Floor

And we run away from the Godzilla all the way to the third floor

Me and Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney Old Movie Posters

Mickey Mouse and Bears Collection

Small race car, panda doll, and other old stuff collection

Small dolls collection from around the world in a long shelf display

Second Floor

Entering the second floor and those are the collectibles being displayed

The Beatles Collection

Another collection of The Beatles, I don’t know most of their songs because they were famous before I was born

Me and The Beatles Poster. How did they get all these wonderful posters from the past? Are they real or just duplication? Well, I don’t know…..

The cowboy cart…..reminds me of the movie: “The House In The Prairie”

What movie is that??? I have no clue at all……

Someone is carefully looking at the toys…..

Some of the collections in level 2 (these are only small numbers comparing to real numbers of all the collection in this level).

This museum is actually worth to visit, and there were quite many people visited this museum too when we were there. I still feel that the price is too high, but maybe it’s because of the high value of all these collections and I can not imagine how expensive the maintenance cost must be.

When we were exploring the museum, we saw no staff inside…..but I guess it would be better if they put at least one staff who understands about all the collections so he/she can explain to us when we need some information, because I believe younger generations might not know and understand most of the collections from the past.

Before going home, I took some photos of the empty cafe in Basement Floor, which were all decorated in Halloween style….

Mr Punch Cafe in Basement

And that was the end of our visit to Mint Museum of Toys…….


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