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Changi T2 Departure Hall

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We went back to Jakarta 2 weeks ago, and this time we departed from terminal 2 Changi Airport (usually we departed from Terminal 1). We arrived very early in the morning because we wanted to have more time to explore inside, but unfortunately the check in counter wasn’t opened yet when we came……Sriwijaya only has one flight from Singapore everyday so we can’t do early check in unlike other flights.

Once we were inside, we found out that there were so many things to do in this departure hall, and since the flight was re-timed for 2 hours, the little boy had more than enough time to play. We had very flexible time to explore gardens, play areas, entertainment decks, and shops. I never worry If we have a delayed flight in here, because there are so many things to do and so many food to choose. We sometimes take the skytrain to visit other terminals to check their play areas too.

So, these are what we found inside the departure hall:


There are some gardens here, but we only managed to find three of them. We found Orchid Garden, Sun Flower Garden, and Fern Garden. For more information about these gardens, please refer to the maps inside the airport. We met some officers just in front of the immigration clearance who stood there to help the passengers who needed information around the airport. You can also approach the nearest customer service counter if you need any information.

First stop, we went to the Orchid Garden. From the immigration counter, go straight until you find an escalator, than turn right. THere is a small garden filled with orchid and koi pond inside.

Orchid Garden, full of beautiful flowers

Information about the flowers and the fish are everywhere

Rafael posed inside the garden

Next, we went one level up to the entertainment deck, walk straight to the movie theater where we found a glass door leading us outside the room to the Sunflowers Garden. It is a small garden with a little cafe, and we can see airplanes from here too. It was quite hot that day, but there were shelters where some girls sat and smoked there….so we avoided the shelters. My mom chose to sit in the lobby area inside which was full with air con (good choice). We spent very little time here since it wasn’t big after all.

Going out to the garden where we can see planes and small butterfly (not real) house

The very hot sunflower garden

Last stop was the Fern Garden, which we found accidentally on the way to our boarding room. we have been here once and posted the photos too, and since this was even smaller than the two gardens above, so we spent very little time here. What is Fern? Some kind of  “pakis” in Indonesia, so it wasn’t too interesting too see for us…..

Fern Garden, which also has a pond but with no fish inside


There is a big drawing section for kids fully equipped with crayons, paper, and patterns just in front of the Orchid Garden.

Bigger than the one in Basement 2 T3

And not to forget the super fun children playground with tall slides, nursing room, and family zone. From the immigration counter, turn left, walk straight until you find Guardian, turn right to the Family Zone Area. We can see planes from here too. There are some cafes in the surrounding, or like us and some people who prefer to bring food from home, just sit in the comfortable chairs and tables around the playground.

Big and fun children playground

Family Zone, with big TV screen, children toys, and comfortable chairs to sit or sleep

But that wasn’t all, because we found other interesting things aroung T2:

Go one level up to the entertainment deck and you will see nice cafe, game room and gym room (not free)

For something free, try the movie theater ( I found the movies were quite new and interesting but we skipped this because lil boy preferred to play than watch movie), sit in the comfortable chair while watching MTV was fun too….

We went one level down to our boarding room, and surprised to find this (I never knew this spot before)

A big movie screen with comfortable chairs, and experience zone, and a small post office in the corner….

I only took a glimpse look on the shoppes since there was not enough time…..and we had to catch the plane so that was the end of our adventure and hopefully next time we can explore T3 (inside).

Outside T2, the boy played with water on the arrival hall just in front of Swensen’s


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