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Singapore Cable Car Museum


I’m sure not many people aware that this place is exist, because it is hidden somewhere in the middle of Sentosa. When we visisted this place, we were the three only persons there, and then came another three persons. This museum is located in Imbiah Lookout Sentosa, next to the cable car station.

Greeted by Angry Birds in Cable Car….in front of the souvenire shop and ticketing counter for cable car

Entrance to the Cable Car Museum is located next to the Cable Car Station

This is a very small place, and there are only few cable cars here. Entrance is free for cable car ticket holders and children under 3 years old. Visitor pays $3 per person, but when we were there, there was no one to check the tickets, so we just came without paying anything. More tourists visited The Images Of Singapore than this place. If you happened to be in Imbiah Lookout, do check this place if you have spare times for some good reference, but as I said before this place is very small…..so maybe you will get disappointed like we do. We were hoping to see at least 30 cable cars display from time to time and from other countries, but we only saw not more than 10 collections here.

VIP Cable Car for Special Guests…..used to carry important persons in the past

But anyway, since we were already here, we just enjoyed the place, and my son turned out to be the last person who came out from the museum. We were there first than other visitors, but we went out the last. Lil boy enjoyed pictures of cable cars from other countries. What he most remembers is the cable car made from lego…..yes, he admired it so much.

Lego Cable Car, the boy asked whether this cable car can really be used???

Does this picture of the red cable car remind you of something very familiar?

This remains me of everyday transportation in Jakarta, which is “bajaj merah warnanya”

The black and green cable cars

And those are the five collection of cable cars from time to time. Other things to see are pictures of cable cars from around the world, cable cars transformation from time to time in pictures, cable card fares in the past, and articles about cable cars in a big newspaper shape in the corner of the room.

I never know that cable cars can be so funny and cute in shapes

Transformation of cable cars from generation to generation

Big newspaper, all about cable cars, including first wedding on cable car (see left page of the newspaper)

First cable car fare structure and station

I read that the cable car used to be the main transport from Sentosa to mainland Singapore many years ago, so it has a very long history until what it is now. The cable car itself right now has the shape like the first picture with the angry birds, well not exactly like that….a lot nicer actually when I saw it in the station, but I really can’t tell since I never take any rides with the cable car. Perhaps someday we will try.

And that’s the end of our visit to Cable Car Museum. Let’s find another museum to visit.


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  1. waaa seru banget yaa.. ada angry bird nya juga xixixixi 😀

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