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Celebrating Sentosa 40th Birthday (The Grand Finale)

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Here we were in Imbiah Station at 7pm. My mother and sister secured a nice spot to watch the fireworks, and they didn’t move at all. They sat there while we were looking around in Imbiah. First, we went to see The Merlion Walk (located behind the Big Merlion):

A small river and water fountain (not in the picture) behind the Big Merlion

Mosaic sculptures in Merlion Walk

As the sky was getting dark, this place was getting more crowded and more people were coming to see the fireworks at 8pm. The emcee  gave some questions and small presents while waiting for the firework to start.

The festivity in Imbiah at night

Watching the last Buskers Show for the day

Buskers performances (Mr Dyvinetz) demonstrates total control on the wheel in a play of balance and beauty. Two thumbs up, absolutely a stunning performance! My son (who was very sleepy actually) didn’t move from his very uncomfortable seat!

Then came the Grand Finale: the closing performance of the day:

Start with the violin performance (wonderful music, beautiful songs, good performance)

Here comes the birthday cake (what’s a birthday without a cake)

Let’s Party………..!!! (Rafael and Jane were very enthusiastic in blowing the trumpets). The busketeer distributed free birthday hats, trumpets, and also masks

At 8.45pm, they started the 3D Merlion Show:

Watch as the Merlion Tower comes alive with 3D moving effects and with a combination of colors

Although the Merlion 3D Show was more than outstanding as we all said so, I can’t say the same thing for the firework show. It was good, but not as spectacular as we hoped so…..

It’s time to blow the candles and sing happy birthday. That was the end of the celebration

Anyway, we had great fun that day, and my son keep saying (even until now):

R: Don’t forget, next year we must come to Sentosa again, I want to watch more shows…..

M: Aye Aye Captain…………….


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