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Celebrating Sentosa 40 Birthday (Beach Station)

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From the Waterfront Station, we boarded the monorail to Beach Station, the center of the fun for children. The monorail was quite packed, but most people alighted in Imbiah Station. There were no trams after 12pm on that day, so we had to walk to Palawan Beach. It was crowded in Beach Station when we arrived, and we were greeted by these icons:

No exact queuing for photography, we just run to get a spot and took pictures even though there were other people next to us

In  front of beach station, we found this welcoming sign and  beach activities carving. There really was a welcoming sign, but we didn’t take picture with it because some selfish tourists decided to sit, chat, and have a drink after taking photo in front of the welcoming sign. Quite annoying since many people were waiting to take pictures too.

On the right, we saw the Sandy Treasures exhibition. Sandy Treasures is a  transformation of Sentosa over 40 years in a unique showcase, a sand sculpture standing at 2.4m and 20m long, depicting the stories of Sentosa’s milestones and success. We thought there were gonna be at least 20 pieces of artwork…but actually the exhibition area (outdoor which was very hot) was small and we only saw  6 or 7 pieces of these sandy treasures. My sister and my mother decided to sit under the shades, hahaha…….while the three of us took photos under the hot sun.

“Transformation of the Sentosa Logo”. Old and new Sentosa Logo in a single sculpture 

“Monorail Interactive Photo Point”. The monorail has been the iconic transportation system since 23 Feb 1982. Photo taken by a tourist who offered to take our pictures….nice…….

Photo with Captain Palawan

“Loving Singapore Our Home”. Sentosa has grown together with Singapore. This artwork is special dedication to the nation 47th years of Independence

“The Evolution of Sentosa”. Over 40 years, Sentosa has transformed from an idyllic fishing village to an island resort 

Then we walked to Palawan Beach to play in “Ice Playground by the beach”.

The first ever ice slide by the beach in Asia! The ‘Ice Playground by the Beach’ is located next to  Sentosa’s latest family attraction, ‘Port of Lost Wonder’ and will feature two ice slides, measuring five-meter and eight-meter.

I kept wondering if they built an ice castle with slides on it…..which I was totally wrong. I thought the slides were going to be 5 and 8 meter in height! What an imagination………turned out to be 5 and 8 meter in length and not in the ice castle for sure!

Actually, we had to pay $10 (40% discount for Islander and POLW members) and chose 3 items to play with our tickets, and the options were: Ice Slide 5m, Ice Slide 8m, Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Birthday, Face Painting, Clay Fun, and there was one more thing that looked like a small bouncy slide for toddler (I forget the name). There was 40% discount for Islander membership on that day, and of course we registered our family. We had to pay $30 instead of $50 for 5 family members. And the playground discount was applied directly. So we paid $6 to play in the playground. Here are the three plays that lil boy chose:

Bouncy Castle. it was very hot inside and little air, but he had great fun here….just look at his big smile. He sweated a lot so I forced him to come out and had a cup of ice cream. After that, he refused to come again and chose to play in the water instead.

Birthday Bouncy

And…..the ice slide

Choose your float please…and of course he picked yellow (his favorite color)

Get ready and slide….I guess this was quite dangerous for little children, because they provided many guides to assist the children

IT WAS SUPER FUN……but refused to do it again, hahaha……

And that was what they called “Ice Playground by the Beach…” There was also an ice cart and ice signing “Sentosa 40th”, but when we arrived the ice cart and ice signage was half melted and half ruined……so we didn’t take photos with both of them

There was also bubble play. We brought our own bubble play, but turned out they provided it for free….Yippe……

Enough bubbles for everyone…

Then, it was very good to play in the water in such a hot day……Run into the water play and get wet!

“Palawan waterplay”. So cool……..

Don’t forget to play with the sand. Hey, we are on the beach, it’s not fun being on the beach and not playing with the sand

Water play on the beach….chasing the waves is so much fun…..

Ice cream is the cure in every hot day. My mother and sister finished two big bowl of shaved ice while waiting…..The lil boy had his vanilla ice cream as usual.

Captain Palawan and other clowns walked around the beach to say hi and take photos

During the day, there was an emcee who walked around and gave quiz (easy questions, if you didn’t know the answer than he would whisper the answer to you……), and also gave small presents. He also guided the buskers show during the day, reminded us the schedule events for the day, the fireworks in Merlion, etc…..

We also watched 3 shows: Pirates Magic Show (not too good), Loony Balloons (very funny that children laughed all the time including mine), 3 Sauce Bang (very interactive that children came to the stage to trick one of the personnel….)

The three show that we watched

Participate in laughing, clapping, and playing tricks to 3Sauce Bang……..

We had early dinner too…..because we were so hungry and still wanted to continue the journey to see the fireworks in Merlion. The monorail was super crowded, but the queuing was not so long. We hopped on the second train to Imbiah Station.

(to be continue….)


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