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Celebrating Sentosa 40th Birthday (Entrance Via Sentosa Boardwalk to Waterfront Station)


We decided to join the crowd last Saturday (1 September 2012) in Sentosa to celebrate it’s 40 Birthday. The entrance via Sentosa Express and Sentosa Boardwalk was both free on that day. I suggested that we should take the Sentosa Boardwalk, since I assumed the queue could be super long for the Sentosa Express. Besides, my son wanted to try the new boardwalk. It turned out to be a good decision, since a friend of ours said it was very crowded in Vivo City Station, so it was very hard to get on the train (unless we arrived early in the morning perhaps). There was only few people in Sentosa Boardwalk that day, which was very convenient for us.

Actually, the admission fee in Sentosa Boardwalk is cheaper than Sentosa Express (only costs $1 compared to $3), and we can use our EZLink Cards to pay the entrance fee. Once you’re inside, you’re free to ride on the monorail. What a good bargain right? To get to Sentosa Boarwalk, just board the train to Harbour Front Station, and follow the sign in L1 to Promenade/Sentosa Boardwalk. The signs are very clear.

What is Sentosa Boarwalk? I copied the explanation from Sentosa’s website as follow:

” It’s a leisurely stroll from VivoCity Shopping Mall’s waterfront promenade, made easy by two-way canopy-covered travellators. Guests are encouraged to leave their cars behind on mainland Singapore and take the MRT to HarbourFront station at VivoCity Shopping Mall, before making their way to the Sentosa Boardwalk.

The latest additional mode of access into Sentosa, the Sentosa Boardwalk is set to excite with a new dimension of the Sentosa Experience, while enhancing the seamless accessibility and connectivity between the island and the mainland.

The iconic gateway is also the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes which are indigenous to Singapore. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery, witness a panoramic view of the bay as you travel on foot in the comfort of canopy-covered travellators before arriving at the Sentosa Visitor Centre.”

It was so hot that day (quite surprising since the weather is uncertain these few days, it is raining at noon most of the time), that we walked as fast as we could with only a few stops to take pictures, and we didn’t find what they called: “the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia to feature tropical landscapes which are indigenous to Singapore”. I don’t know which one was it……..My son kept asking: “Are we there yet…is it still far…..how many minutes….?”

Only my sister and I enjoyed the beautiful view of the bay with it’s big boats and cable cars. There were also big balloons, flea market (which wasn’t started yet when we arrived), and an information booth about all the activities that would happen in Sentosa that day.

Actually it wasn’t a long journey, and we arrived at The Waterfront quite fast. Please step aside from the travellator to take good pictures with the bay view as the background or the very big Sentosa Resort sign on top of your heads. Those are the things that you would miss if you go to Sentosa by monorail.

My sister insisted to brong umbrella before we left home, but I said since it was gonna be a very big event, the EO must have hired a charmer rain, so I believed it was not going to rain at all that day. True…….it was super hot the whole day long….even at 5pm!

These are the pictures of our trip in Sentosa Boarwalk:

Entrance to Sentosa Boardwalk, near the Promanade in Vivo City

Big balloons (in celebrating the birthday) are everywhere……The view was awesome. This is when every body was still on the mood to pose and smile

My Sentosa Memories Billboard and blue balloon

Studying the information about Sentosa events that we got from Information Booth

The travellator under the shades

Garden besides the travellator

This is where lil boy started asking: “How many more minutes?”

The one who still got the energy to pose

The Sentosa Birthday Cake Balloon

We had to drag the lil boy to pose, at least he still managed to smile

The Sentosa Events

Just outside the gate and under Sentosa Sign Board

Family photo

Is this the viewing gallery?

I guess this is the Rock Garden

After that, we came to the Waterfront Area……

Actually, we came with full stomach and already ate at home before we left. We also bring our own lunch picnic. We planned to have picnic by the beach. But on our way, we found this: “Malaysia Food Street” a new food court just opposite Universal Studio, and suddenly everybody felt hungry. It was good to be in the room with Air Conditioner……

The famous Chicken Rice Ball (bottom), The queue was always long. We liked it! My son ate 7 rice balls in total. The steamed chicken (half) was $16 and $3 for 10 rice balls. The satay resembled what we usually had in Jakarta, but too bad they didn’t use the sweet soy sauce. Overall the food was good, and we still want to come back to try other food. And…..the three of us as chili mania (oma, me, my sister) loved the chili, good sign of good food……….we tried to find good dessert, but didn’t find something good here, so we planned to get our dessert in Koufu

The good ambiance and old style decoration. We thought the food wasn’t too pricey here

The Universal Studio Sign just across the food court. It wasn’t very crowded in here that day

Three generations

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Hotel, we promise to come back and stay here one day

We found this candy store, the decoration was bright, colorful, and attractive for everyone to come….thank God lil boy doesn’t like candies at all

Candies everywhere

The colorful Merlion

After that, we went straight ahead to the Beach Station with the monorail because the lil boy reminded us again and again his purpose of getting to Sentosa. He was here for: Sandy Treasures, Ice Playground By The Beach, Buskers Festival, and of couse the 3D Merlion and Fireworks at Imbiah.

Buskers Festival is a free event of 12 International Performers in different stages and different time. The performers will show their amazing stunt and curious antics in different locations around Sentosa. I already saw their schedule in the website a day before, but there were to many excitements that we only managed to catch very few performers.

The story will continue in my next post as we explored more in Beach Station and Imbiah Lookout…………


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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Sentosa 40th Birthday (Entrance Via Sentosa Boardwalk to Waterfront Station)

  1. ternyata singapur itu banyak banget tempat2 yang menarik untuk diexplore ya… 🙂

    • Wah, iya betul banget. Padahal waktu baru pindah ke sini gua sempet curhat sama temen gua yang udah duluan pindah, gua bilang bakalan boring nih kayaknya. Terus gua bilang katanya SG tuh surganya buat anak2, banyak tempat main dan taman, eh ternyata setelah lama2 iya bener juga apa yang dia bilang.

  2. waa tempat nya bagus banget yaa .. 😀

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