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Gardens By The Bay (Bay South)

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Last week we went to the most happening thing in Singapore right now: Gardens By The Bay. Yes, we might be a little too late, but better late than never. As far as I knew, this place is divided into three area. The Bay South is free, while we have to pay to enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. What we never expected was that the free area was so huge (very very very big), that it took so much time to explore this area. It was a very tiring journey, we were there for hours and yet we haven’t seen all parts of the garden. So we decided to postpone our visit to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

To go here, please board the train to Bayfront Station and out in exit B, the signs are so clear everywhere. This garden is connected with the bridge to the Marina Bay Sands (Helix Bridge in 4th Floor if I’m not mistaken). We planned to have a picnic here and brought our own food, but it was raining not long after we arrived, so we moved the picnic to other place: Rasapura Masters Food Court in Marina Bay Sands, hahaha…….

Well, actually you can find many shelters and canopy along the way, but it is closer for us to go to MBS instead of finding a shelter, so we decided to explore MBS first than went back to Garden By The Bay.

This area is like a big round circle, please prepare yourself if you want to explore the whole area. If you keep walking, you will find lots of interesting thing around this area. Don’t just go directly to the Flower Dome or Cloud Forest, you better explore the whole thing outside first.

Many people brought their own basket and had picnic here. Even though it was very crowded on Sunday, but since this place is so big, you won’t even feel the crowd once you’re inside.

Greeted by this colorful pictures in Bayfront MRT Station

The Bay South Garden is divided into some areas as you can see below:

Some parts of the garden, others are Chinese Garden, Malay Garden, Indian Garden, The Canopy, Fruit and Animals, etc.

So, let’s the journey begins:

The front of the garden, overlooking Singapore Flyer and Supertree Groove

My favorite: Chinese Garden, filled with beautiful landscape and antique sculptures  around the garden

Big rocks (sculptures) are around the garden

Circles with beautiful landscapes, we couldn’t resist to take many pictures here

Small ponds like these (very peaceful) are surrounding this garden

Next is the Malay Garden, but we didn’t see much here since the boy didn’t seem too interest with this garden

The Malay Garden

Followed by Indian Garden

Elephants and horses in Indian Garden

The area near Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, a big spot to just run here and there

Next, let us run to the Supertree Groove, big trees with long and high bridge up above

Big spot around the big tree, lil boy loved running in here while oma loved to sit under the shade (it was so hot after the big rain)

To get into the top (the bridge of the Supertree Groove), you need to buy tickets, $5 adults and $3 child. You also need big guts too since it is up high in the sky. My sister and I felt a little scare when we were upstairs, but since the lil boy didn’t seem to care about the height at all, we tried all the best we could to be brave. Besides, if I remember the money I had to pay, it would be useless if I came down again. I saw a woman got down again after she came to the top since she was too scared to continue the journey. The bridge was shaking a bit even if we walked very slowly.

My boy was very brave, looking down from this very high bridge, and while I tied my hands to the bridge rail, he didn’t see the need to hold on to the bridge rail at all or held our hands. He almost run if we gave him the chance, which was no way since we insisted to hold his hands very tightly.

The view was amazing, from this top we could see almost everything in a brighter view, the garden itself, the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, etc. Here are some photos that I took while balancing myself in the not too wide bridge while trying to make good pictures:

Our tickets, the high supertree groove (entrance is via the elevator), and queuing. The queue was getting longer and longer behind us, but it was quite fast to enter the elevator. They made a very quick ticket checking system so we didn’t have to wait for too long

Looking down to see my mother. Fortunately she didn’t come, this place is too high for her and she might got panic here. Why did I feel butterfly in my stomach while looking down?

Breathtaking view from the top

Another beautiful view on a windy day from top

After taking the last picture with MBS as the background (see that my sister tried to hold his hands but he didn’t seem to care much), my lil boy decided that he wanted to go down by………….stairs…….not the elevator

Ok, I don’t want to go upstairs again. Once is enough.

Next is the web of life, where we can see animals shapes from plants, so cute and funny too. We tried to guess what animals are they, fun games right? If you can not guess what animals are they, just go to the maps and find out there…..

My son (who feels he’s an animal expert), confidently guess all the animals. I don’t  know whether it was right or wrong, I had no clues at all

Cute poses with the animals

World Of Palms: see the various palms in here

Various kinds of palms, remind me of those palms in Taman Jogging Kelapa Gading

And other places in random orders which I don’t really remember the names, but they spread all over the garden

Mushroom Kingdom

Other parts of the garden

Trying to find our way out, we thought we were lost here

On the way out, I guess we made the wrong turn, so we had to go around the waterfront walk which was very far from the MBS entrance (Helix Bridge), but we found beautiful view and wonderful things around here too. So here we go with the Waterfront Walk (it is a small path around the Dragonfly Lake). Why is it call The Dragonfly Lake? Simply because they put big dragonfly creature in the middle of the lake.

We took this picture when we first came in the morning. Can you see a silver dragonfly shape in the background? We actually had to walk around this big lake to reach the exit path


Three swings around the lake. Good place to sit down, take a rest, and sleep for a while (lil boy just pretended to sleep)

Walking around the lake

That was the end of our journey to Gardens By The Bay. We will comeback for Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. By the way, some people say that the view at night is more beautiful especially with all the lights on. The Supertree also looks different at night.

After that, we continued the journey to MBS to see the Laser Show.


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