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Alice In United Square


After registering Rafael to his Primary School last Thursday, we spent the rest of the day wondering around in United Square Mall. Well, actually Daddy had to go to a building near there, and since Rafael and I had no plan to spend the day, we followed him and ended up in United Square Mall. I read that there is a little playground somewhere around the Cold Storage in B1, so Rafael agreed to go with us. My mother and sister chose to go shopping in Bugis and didn’t come with us.

This mall, also known as a very child friendly mall and also kids learning mall, is located next to Novena MRT. That day was very gloomy, it was raining almost all day. Luckily we were in the mall, but the mall turned out to be super cold (I mean really really cold). We were looking for a nice playground but didn’t found any, just some cars and trucks with coins inserted to play with. So, since we were already there, we decided to explore the mall for a while and went home, which was very wrong because we actually stayed until 6 o’clock. Why? Because I saw a banner and after read the information carefully, I noticed there was going to be Alice In Wonderland Show that day. Wow…what a lucky thing……I’ve read about this show a few days before on someone’s blog in the internet, but didn’t take it too seriously.

If I’m not mistaken, the show is until 9 September, everyday except Tuesday, every 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. So, go there if you haven’t, it is very nice indeed. Since my son doesn’t really know about Alice and all the characters, I wasn’t sure he wanted to stay and watch. Fortunately, there was a rehearsal before the show, and he saw it. It boosted his interest in watching the show. So, we wondered around the mall while waiting for the show to begin, and he asked to watch the show twice. So we waited for the 4pm show and dragged him home before he asked for the 7pm show. He already thought about it, but we make a faster anticipation not to make it happen, hahaha……

These all what we found in this mall. And one more thing, I figured out they call this kids learning mall because there are many enrichment classes in the top floors, but it’s just my opinion……

This mall is actually quite fun for children. Besides the Alice show, there are actually many things to see here. My son liked wondering here and there and playing with anything he could found. I guess since he couldn’t find the playground, he chose to bring his positive attitude and play with anything that looked like fun to him. I was worried he would be disappointed when we couldn’t find the playground, but it didn’t happen. We had great fun too that day.

First, don’t forget to study the map to know where you’re going. Actually, this boy is crazy about map, and it means any maps….he’s interested in all kinds of maps, so he always runs through to any maps

Not too far from the entrance door and the map that we found (Level 1), there is a Kids Corner (I don’t really remember what they call it), but it is full of kids things. From kids clothing, bookstore, toys, and Swensens (ice cream store and restaurant). These are what the lil boy did and saw here:

Find this “Press Me” toy in the hall. This thing will make animal sound when we press the animal

This boy is crazy about anything related to animals, earth, ocean, and how to save the life on earth, so this display really caught his attention

Found a little castle and jumped in immediately

Insert coins to run this car

Tucked himself in this comfortable place and read books about dinosaurs and other animals. This bookstore owner was really nice, he let this boy read and played here

Still in the bookstore, he helped himself with the hand puppet toys and played all by himself for quite a long time. These hand puppet toys are placed in front of the cashier, and he seemed didn’t care with this little boy playing with his toys (nice uncle right?)

We even found a super clean kids toilet in this floor

From The Kids Corner, we went out to take picture with this nice background. Below this floor is where The Alice Show was going to perform

Watching the rehearsal. The boy kept asking me: “Is the show begin already?” I had to explain that they were just practicing, the show has not yet started

While waiting for the show, we went to the B1 and found a food court and these:

Make a bear workshop, we left the store after the storekeeper asked if she could help us for the third time, hahaha…..I guess this place was fun that we loved being here and playing with all the machines

This starfish seat is just too cute to be missed, and there was a little fish shaped play area that no children were interested to play with

Then we hurried ourselves since it was time to see the show. For the 1pm show, the place was not too crowded. Many children watched the show, but it was not too packed and still comfortable for us. The 4pm show was more crowded but it was still oke. This the reason why we watched the second show:

In the first show, The Mad Hatter asked one of the children to come to the stage to help him spell the letter VOICE (Alice’s voice was missing so the children had to help Alice found her voice by spelling the letter). The child who dare to come to the stage was later given a huge and colorful lollipop. After the show, daddy asked why Rafael didn’t raise his hand. He said he didn’t hear it clearly so he missed it. So I offered him to join the second show and I would give him a code when he should raise his hand so he could come to the stage. He was so willing to come to the stage so he agreed without hesitation. I remembered he used to be a shy boy who would hate to do this in the past days, but he has changed a lot now.

I told him: “When I say go, you stand up and raise you hand very high, oke….”

He said oke.

So during the show he kept asking me: “Is it now? Is it now?”

I said: “No, not yet”

Then I said oke now (before rabbit finished his words), he stood up as soon as he could, and raise his hand. There was another boy also stood up and raised his hand after him, but of course Rafel won since we already watched the show so I know exactly when to give him a sign…….(I am a competitive mother, hahaha…..). So, these are the photos of the show. I didn’t bring my camera and only took pictures with my iphone, and so here they are:

Ready to watch the show, the EO gave every child this “clapping hands” to make it merrier

Prove himself as a very good audience, he laughed, stood, and clapped whenever necessary

Here comes Alice and the Queen. Which is the prettiest? Before make-up, I think queenie is prettier than Alice

The singing and dancing

The Tea Party

Bravely came on stage and say Hi to other children

Helping Mad Hatter spelling VOICE

Receive his reward from Mad Hatter (he took this lollipop out from rabbit’s back…..a little magic show I guess)

Very proud of his big lollipop

The show was wonderful. The songs were beautiful. I loved all the songs and still hum them in my mind even until now. Alice was very pretty…..actually when I saw the rehearsal, I thought the other two girls were more beautiful, but after the make up Alice turned to be very beautiful. The children laughed, clapped, and even the Character of the Queen was very funny too, she made children and parents laughed a lot. Little girls run to the stage and scream “Alice, Alice” when the show ended, hahaha……there was a meet and greet session if you purchase for XXX dollars, but we skipped it.

After the show, we were so hungry and rushed down to Food Junction in B1.

At first, my lil boy ordered cheesy fries and spaghetti in cream sauce. He finished all the fries, ate half of the spaghetti, and when he saw my food, he couldn’t resist to try a little bit. It ended up with the lil boy ate my half portion of rice, my two prawns, and my two pieces of chicken. Daddy and I shared the rest of his spaghetti. Daddy ordered chicken rice which didn’t interest both Rafael and I, so his food was save., while I walked out from the food court still with my hungry stomach because someone had robbed half of my food, sigh…….

Really really really wanted to jump into the pool outside the food court

Played with these “free to play toys” in ELC (Early Learning Center) before going home

So where is the lollipop now? Well, there was a little accident on the way home. The lollipop broke into three on the MRT, and it really broke his heart. So we gave him a big scoop of ice cream to calm him down. Well, he forgot about the incident not so long after. He said since he doesn’t like candies and will never eat candies, my sister could bring them home……


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Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

6 thoughts on “Alice In United Square

  1. wah rafael pinter dah… berani ya… 🙂
    lollypop nya gede banget! abis dimakan gak? hahaha

  2. eh ya ampun gua gak baca paragraf terakhir… ternyata gitu nasib lollypop nya ya… hahaha.

  3. Chanced upon your blog. United square is now showing treasure island adventure. Ends 20 June thurs. Your son will enjoy since everyone gets to enter a ship to watch the interactive show. Check out their fb unitedsquare

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