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Explorer Kid Downtown East

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Using The Monday Member Promotion (which is back thankfully), we rushed ourselves to the kids play area in Downtown East: Explorer Kid. We paid $15 for one time membership until the child turn 12 (years old) a few months ago. Lil boy received a membership card with his picture (which he was so proud of that he gave his biggest smile during the photo shoot), and he can use it until he is 12 years old (what a bargain).

If not using Monday Promotion, we have to pay $9 for full day play rate for non peak, and for peak hours we have to pay $15 per hour with additional $5 per hour. Parents pay $2 per person. So, of course we used the Monday Promotion, we only had to pay $4 for “all you can play”. The promotion starts from 12pm to 10pm.  I saw lots of parents and their children (still in school uniforms) were here on Monday. My kid played for four hours here, which I think is fine, since 4 hours mean $1/hour, hahaha……….This offer does not include Ball O’City and Adventure Highland on Downtown East. I don’t know what about their branch in Ang Mo Kio if it’s included or not. The boy didn’t ask to play here too….he was too busy running around with his new friend I guess.

He met a new friend here, a girl around his age, and when the girl finished playing, he wanted to end too……..so that was the end of our play date. They provide nice and cozy waiting room for us parents, I almost fell asleep in one of those comfortable chair. It was too hard to get good photos since the two kiddos kept running and moving all the time (I wonder where they got their energy from), and sometimes I was just too sleepy and lazy to chase them, so I just let them play by themselves. They didn’t bother to let me take good photos of them too.

This place is not as big and the play tools are not as complete as Lollypop Jakarta, but I think still worth the price (if we come on Monday). Basically, this area consists of one giant mega playground (with slides, etc), ball pool, and others (I don’t know how to call them). Although not as big as Lollypop, but I will still consider this place is big, since there are many spaces to run here and there, unlike Lollypop Kelapa Gading which only has limited spaces to wonder around (the distance between one play to another is too near I guess).

The boy keep asking me to come back here, ok maybe some other Monday? Enjoy the photos to know all about the play area:


Mega Playground play area

Climb climb and climb

The slides


Only climbed few steps, not even halfway to the top


Take photos in front of the pool ball. This area is fro older children, and parents are not allowed to join in the pool

Swimming in the pool ball

This smaller pool ball area is for toddler only

ADVENTURE HIGHLAND AND BALL O’CITY (both needs another $5.5 to play)

Adventure Highland, in Lollypop it’s like the obstacles course and flying fox. Way smaller than the one in Lollypop and plus we have to pay again to play here

Ball O’City, shooting with the ball. In Lollypop, the price is included this play. This one is also smaller than the one in Lollypop

Well actually, I don’t really mind at all with the plus plus to play here and there, since my kid never seems to show interest in playing with those obstacles and only shows little interest in the Ball O’City play. His biggest interest is the slides only. Perhaps if Lollypop can reduce the price by not involving those two plays in the all in price, I will certainly take my kid there more often, wink wink…….


Playing with all kinds of shapes


It’s fun to have birthday party here


I don’t know why they make this area “The Cave”……for kids to running free perhaps?


Carefully looking at the map

Playing with mushrooms

Running free

He sure had a great fun there.


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