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Peranakan Museum

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After we finished at Sinagapore Philatelic Museum, we continued the journey to Peranakan Museum. We just had to cross the street and followed the sign to this museum. Like the name, this museum contains everything about Peranakan, from the clothes, wedding, dailiy life, origination, food, eating appliances, and other things. This museum is also small, but still bigger than Philatelic Museum. It is a nice old building, very clean inside. It is loaded with lots of wonderful and beautiful things, many galleries, and many exciting things too see and learn (actually)…….but……

Too bad we didn’t explore thoroughly, because the lil boy kept on running here and there all the time, and couldn’t stick in one place for too long. Some places also didn’t allow photography too.

My boy felt that this is a good place to run and jump, and he made quite a lot noise too, until one security guard told him not to jump, and he lost his mood, and asked to go home instantly…..hahahahaha………… Since it has bigger corridor than Philatelic Museum (he couldn’t run there because it was too narrow), he felt that no running means no fun. So I had to chase him all the time, and didn’t have much time to see, read, and take decent photos.

We didn’t visit all the galleries, and lil boy also lost his mood to be the model, so we decided to go home. Maybe he was just too tired too since he woke up early in the morning for the morning Sunday Mass. He said he wanted to come back in other time (when his mood is good perhaps?), oke we’ll see…………

So, no really good stories and photos here, but I’ll try to give some photos and a brief explanation in case you’re interested in visiting this museum. This is good if you want to learn about heritage and culture of Peranakan.

Taking pictures from across the street and in the corner of the museum. I like how this old building looks shiny and in good maintenance. This building is near St. Andrew and St. Joseph Church, so this complex is really like the “old town one”

The sign just in front of the museum and the entrance door

A brief information about “Orang Peranakan” or “Who is The Peranakan?”

Things from every day life, from clothes, accessories, books, etc

There was also a film about the history of Peranakan. The lil boy showed high interest for quite a long time, until he realized that this first gallery is big and spacious enough…..so he started running here and there

They also had activity for children, stamping activity. You will find out furniture and clothes of “Emily of Emeral Hill”, a stage show that was being performed at that time

Entering The Wedding Gallery.
Top Right: I forget what is this, I guess bed sheet?
Bottom left: wedding gift
Bottom right: bride and groom room

Beautiful wedding dress, reminds me of “the old kungfu movie that I used to watch”

Don’t forget the most important things: the food to bring to the bride/groom family (hantaran)

Now we move to another gallery. I love love love and always want to have all these porcelain eating appliances in my house


And this is the place to store all those expensive things


Sitting and using this telephone in this old style furniture. My grandparents used to have these in their house……and my older relatives also have these in their houses, then things we never see again in today’s houses

He always likes old telephones, but this one can give useful information to you


Another stamping activity before going home

And that was the end of our visit to Peranakan Museum. We cross the street board the bus home, and lil boy slept on the half way home. He was busy looking at the street from the double decker bus, that he slept with his face still on the bus window.


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