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Singapore Philatelic Museum


On Celebrating Hari Raya Aidul Fitri on 19th August 2012, Singapore Philatelic Museum and Peranakan Museum were two among eight museum who held Open House Day, and we were the three among the many who visited the museums. Since it was their Open Day, everyone enter for free. We wouldn’t miss the chance to visit all the museums, and for that day we chose them. Why, because we hadn’t had the chance to visit them on National Day, and since both of them are close to each other, they were the perfect choice for us.

When I asked the lil boy what’s in the peranakan museum (he, as the internet boy) could answer correctly based on the information that he got from Uncle Google. He knew what he was going to see there.

After church, we went home for lunch and took the MRT to City Hall. We planned to had lunch near the museums to save time, not at home. But after a long consideration (my boy will never eat properly if he already sees the places he’s going to go), we decided to eat at home. Luckily, considering “my very poor geography skill”, we could reach the first museum safely and without getting lost.

I studied the map carefully, including the map in the MRT Station, and I decided to take exit B, turn left, follow the street until I saw traffic light, turn right to cross, follow the street again, cross the street, follow the street again until I saw the museum on the left. They put big banners, so actually I acknowledge the museum from afar. Besides, the building was different and one can really tell if it is the museum.

The museum itself is actually very small comparing to Singapore Art Museum and the super big National Museum, but it was decent and nice. The inside building is clean, unique, and child friendly. Although the corridor and gallery rooms are small, we still had fun there, especially that this museum catered the needs of the children. It is only two storeys building, but we spent quite a long time here. To my surprise, we didn’t only see stamps and stamps only, but other things too. I will give detail below. The way they put the stamps is also unique, it’s like a play room for children. My son enjoyed it a lot and never seemed to get bored.

I thought it was just stamps collection that will make us bored, but they made the stamps into puzzle, hopscotch play, video and audio play, and you the children can do the open-close door to find out what’s inside. Super fun…..to my opinion. On the second floor, it’s not just about the stamps, but many interesting things to find. There was also A Dragon for children exhibition, but I guess it’s just a temporary exhibition.

Now, I will take you on  a tour to the museum, and hope you enjoy it like us……and before I forget, they provide many chairs and sofas so my mom can sit down and relax while waiting for us playing in each room. How nice…..

The museum building (I took this picture across the street)

Old fashioned mailbox in front of the entrance door

Upon entering the door, you will see a small store selling all kinds of tools for posting and stamps. There is also a ticketing counter, and then you see this sign….now this is the museum

Next to the entrance of the museum itself, you will find stairs to second floor. Under the stairs are toilets and drinking water

First Floor-The Atrium

Upon entering the museum, you will see a lobby where you can sit down and relax while looking at the decoration of the museum, the Olympic games 2012 pictures gallery, and children can arrange the four different kinds of puzzles and playing three different kinds of hopscotch.

The Lee Foundation Atrium

Sit down, relax, and play with these Olympic flags

Arrange puzzles, sure is a fun thing to do

His favorite play: hopscotch, with three different types, all pictured the stamps

I guess they left one elephant from “the last elephant parade in Singapore”. And this old mailbox is so cute…..

First Floor-Orange Room

In front of the atrium are Orange Room. Here are what we found in orange room:

An interactive way to give information. Open the window, and press the screen with your finger. The display will than give information about the stamps around the world. Close the window, open again to get different information. Do it again and again and you will get many information about the country and their stamps.

They even have The Simpsons’ stamps collection

Almost everything in here is in pop up style, like a pop up puzzle book. Just open it one by one to know what’s inside. From outside, they look like a huge stamp

Try to put them (the stamps) in the correct order

First Floor -Purple Room

Next to the orange room, is the purple room. Here are the collections:

Entering the purple room

Learning the journey of the mailbox by spinning the wheel (top pictures)
Was this how the postman used to deliver the mails to our old mailboxes? (bottom pictures)

Another exhibitions in purple room.
Top left: trivia question, find out the answers by opening the box one by one until you find the correct answer
Top right: various stamps

First Floor-Fun Corner

This corner is not designated for children only. Although there was a merlion puppet making by paying $2, but adults could still enjoy this room. The boy didn’t want to take part in making the merlion, as he saw big maps that interest him more (he shows high interest on every maps, every kind of maps, he’ll jump to it and takes his time to look carefully at the map).

Welcome to the fun corner

Taking picture as if you were in a stamp. Adults were taking pictures here too

“Know The World, Know The Stamps”. Stamps from around the world, and we found Indonesia too…….

“Know Singapore Through Stamps”. It is an MRT Map wirh stamps in every station, too bad there was no stamp for Pasir Ris (haven’t been made yet?)

I only know Harry Potter……

Second Floor-Rarities Room

This is located just next to the stairs. It fulls of old things of Singapore’s postal system

Old time mailbox

Little postman taking the letters out from the box, sorting them, and put them in a place like cages

Second Floor-Heritage Room

Inside the Rarities Room, we found Heritage Room, where we can see all antiques things here. It makes you feel like going back to the past time.

Pose in front of Heritage Room

There was an audio lesson (which he listened carefully) about how the first people came to Singapore (left) with their belongings (right)

Old model of shoes (in Indonesia we call this ‘kelom’), and playing with musical instruments he had never seen before…..this boy really should go to “Kampung Betawi” to see these things, I believe these are usually used in our cultural or wedding ceremonies

Looking with curiosity to these old kitchen equipment. I remember grew up with these equipment too

Left: this is how they dry their clothes and this is exactly how we dry our clothes now…….
Right: open up the boxes to find more information about the story from the past

Second Floor-Spices Room

This is the story of how spices came to Singapore:

“The Quest For Spices”
Left: study the book about spices carefully.
Right: spin the wheel to find out how they search for spices around the world by boat

They finally found the spices and brought them to Singapore with the boat

And today we can enjoy all these spices

Inside the boat that brought spices in the ancient times. This has boat sound and people chatting too

So now, since we already know where to find spices, just study the map carefully before we decided where to buy what spices, oke….

Second Floor-Corridor

We also found a small corridor filled with amazing things too, like these:

Antique things, another map, old phone which he couldn’t resist to play with (he loves all kinds of telephones, especially old ones), antiques stationary, and even an old cupboard

Miniatures of mailboxes from around the world (left)

Second Floor-Dragon Exhibition

This area is intended for the fun of children. Adults can have fun by taking pictures of their children only, hahaha……., but it’s so true……of course the lil boy spent a very long time here, playing here and there all the time……

The Dragon Boat, all children’s favorite

Being a little scientist by digging up the dinosaurs’ bones

Find out where these dragons live by matching them to their home countries

Find more about the dragon, the dinosaurs, and their stamps

Visit the Dragon’s Lair before going home

Reading books in the dragon’s lair under a big dragon

Although there are many rooms, actually every room is in small size. I guess my boy didn’t learn a lot, since he likes the playing than the learning, but I think it is worth as the first small step to introduce him to the museums. As he grow, I hope he still has the same enthusiasm of going to the museums and starts learning by himself. Well actually, I think he learnt lot of things too, through his visual, than he showed interest on the movie and audio playing in the museums. He also read the books and some information carefully, and tried to experience the spices, turned the wheels to see what was going to happen, dig the dinosaurs’ bones, etc……

It was a good way to spend the holiday time…..and we still have many museums to visit, and he’s still very enthusiast and can’t wait to visit all of them.

The lesson is, I hope my country can do the same effort too to make the museums more interesting for the children and adults too…..first by increasing their cleanliness standard and make exhibitions that will interest little children and their parents to visit, and as the children grow up they will inherit the spirit to visit our museums to their children, again and again.

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Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

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  1. bagus ya museumnya… cocok buat anak2…

    • Iya coba di Indonesia ada yang kayak begini, pasti orang gak cuma ke mall aja. Walaupun museum gak ada hubungannya sama anak2, tapi bagusnya mereka juga memikirkan supaya anak2 bisa enjoy juga

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