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Catching Fish in Bottle Tree Park

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Bottle Tree Park located just opposite Yishun Sports Hall, it was so big that there is no way you’re gonna miss it. It is just on the side of the big street, and so easy to be found. We wanted to go here because of the bottle tree (tree that looks like a bottle), and it turned out to be super fun for the little boy because he can dipped himself into the fishing pond and catch fish (alive).

After playing in Lower Seletar Reservoir, I never taught that he still had so many energy to play, but he did. It was drizzling when we arrived, but only for about ten minutes. After the rain stopped, we continued exploring the park. First, I thought he was going to spend his time in the playground, but nobody was there and it was no fun playing all by himself. Fortunately, we found this small but crowded fishing pond. And as I always say: the more the merrier, he couldn’t resist the temptation to join in the crowd. He wanted to catch as many fish as possible and beat the boys who got more fish than him! Oh boy……..

Before I forget to explain, this is a huge park with big and small fishing pond, playground for children, fishing pond for children, and a restaurant. Do go to this place for fun for your children, it’s good to be in a park like this.

The main attraction for him is of course the children fishing pond. Many children and he was sooo…..happy to be one of them. He didn’t want to come home and wanted to continue catching the fish. Many parents released the fish as they didn’t want to bring the fish home, and actually I wanted to do the same, but of course the lil boy didn’t allow me to do that. So, we brought home the fish and they only lasted for 2 days, they are all gone now.

And that is the end of the story for the fish. Enjoy the photos anyway:

The Park, I took pictures from the street (outside) and inside

This is the playground near the entrance door, the first playground we saw here. Nobody was playing here and it was a little dirty, so the boy only played here for a very little time

Another playground next to the first one. Nobody was here too. We almost went home straightly, but we found a small fishing pond in front of the car park area. The boy insisted that he wanted to catch fish here……..He said he didn’t mind going to the pool and made himself dirty and wet

Can’t you see I really really really want to get in there? All right, so daddy had to pay $10 first (fishing net and basket are included)

In search fro the fish, which made him very frustrated and sad (almost cry) because it was so hard to get a fish…….You see, there were so many children (crowded and packed) that day, and almost all of them got the bigger fish and their tanks were full too. So there wasn’t many fish left in the pond, only small ones which were so hard to catch

Here comes the help squad……Mommy and daddy actually got in the pool too…..and we manage to catch some fish after they added more fish to the pond. The fish was actually added several times

After the tank was filled with few fish, the boy got his confidence back and he did actually caught many many many fish after that by himself, so we just sat down and watched or helped him put the fish into the tank

Running and shouting with excitement “I get a fish…….I get a fish…….” every time he catches a fish

The proud little boy with all his fish. He didn’t want to end the fish catching session, but we urged him too because it’s getting darker and he already spent so many times in the pool

After changing his wet clothes, we took a short trip to the restaurant where you can choose your own seafood (alive). We didn’t order any food here, so can’t give comments on the menu

This is why they call this place Bottle Tree, because there is a tree that looks like a bottle. This bottle tree located next to the small fishing pond and children fish catching area

A small stage near the bottle tree

Dinosaur skulls (???) behind the stage

Saw these two cows on our way home

We really walk around this park, and this is the view that we saw on our way out

The lil boy felt asleep as soon as he put himself on the bus chair, and woke up when we already alighted in the bus stop. Once we stepped our feet into the house, it rained outside. Luckily we got home on time.


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