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Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

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Having read about this place from other blogs, we decided to visit this place last Saturday. Why? Because it is said that there is a new water play in this place. And of course, the lil boy can never hear the word “new” and “water play”, he always wants to go to new fun places.

The nearest MRT to this place is Khatib, but you still need to board a bus at least to Yishun Sports Hall, than continus the journey by walking and cross the street. There you will see a little sign “Lower Seletar Reservoir Park” under the trees. We went to this place by bus number 39 from the bus stop near our home. It was quite a long journey, but since we only had to take this one bus, it was oke for us, and besides the view was wonderful, we saw new places that we would never see if we board the MRT.  We stopped at the Opposite of Yishun Sports Hall, and in front of us was “Bottle Tree Park”, and yes we did go there too of course.

We almost missed this sign. Luckily, I saw this from the bus.

Lower Setar Reservoir Park is not very big (the reservoir is big, but not the park), but we like it because we could explore all the parts of the park. It was not very hot, a bit cloudy, and drizzling for a few minutes only (lucky us). So, it was a very suitable weather for us to play, considering the big rain for the last two days before.

My son and I like the park very much, the water play was nice, the wind breeze was refreshing, and running on the bridge was super fun for us. The bridge is like a boat deck, felt like we boarded on Titanic when we stood on the edge of the bridge and looked to the “not so calm water” , hahaha……….

We even had a picnic there, there are no food and beverages stall, so we had to bring everything from home. But there is a drinking water in the park. The female toilet was clean, while the male (said daddy) was not so clean. Too bad no place to wash up and shower after playing under the water. Like I said before, the park is not too big, so you can enjoy every part of the park, and can find every part of these pictures below easily.

We saw people canoeing, and my son was very glad to see the real canoe and people rode on them for real for the first time. There is also a small gym facility, but we didn’t see any playground there. Perhaps it should be added into the park?

Entrance to the first bridge, not too far from where we came in. It is on the right of the park, and on the left are shelters for people to sit down and relax. I saw some people had picnic on the bridge while fishing

View from the first bridge. we could see people fishing and canoeing here. The lil boy saw two men caught a big fish, and he stayed long enough to watch

From the bridge, we continue the journey and passed by this small gym area on the left

Finally, the water play, not too far from the main entrance, and very near to the car park. The water is shallow, and cool enough for a hot day, so it was very refreshing. All of us put away our slippers and soak our feet in the cool water

The flower fountain, remember to press to make it works

Try to swim in this refreshing shallow pool

So much fun in the water play

Another happy faces to show

Another fun play with new friends

While the boy was playing, I took the chance to pose on the second bridge

Eating while looking at the wonderful view (right picture)

After the lil boy ate, it was time to explore the second bridge. And these are a bunch of photos on the second bridge:

Going up to the bridge through these stairs

Feel the wind in my hair, make me smile

Stop for a while to learn the history of the park

Running free on the bridge

Big and lot of spaces to just run, run, run, and emptied your energy, always finds the way to fill it up again

Find a stage, and run in circle with the girl in blue dress

Taking a rest in front of the stage

Going up to the deck, the end of the bridge

This the the edge of the bridge

The view was breathtaking, the boy spent quite a long time just looking to the water and the wonderful view

Strike a pose on the bridge for the last time before going home

When we were there, I only saw very few people in the park. The Rafael played almost all alone in the water play, until 2 girls came in and they played together. After that, I saw 4 other children until we came home. The second bridge was also very quiet and not many people were there. I like the park because it was so quiet and peaceful. Even though I could see many buildings surrounding the park, but being in the park made me feel like in the other dimension of the world, especially when I was standing on the bridge looking to the clear water and felt the wind blew in my skin. It was a relaxing moment.


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