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Being An Artist for One Day in Singapore Art Museum

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On the National Day on 9th August 2012, my son and I (daddy just had to agree and follow us) decided that it was time to visit the museums. Why? Because it was their Open House and we could enter for free. We had a very beautiful plan to visit 4 to 5 museums in a day! Well, because we thought: hmm….ok we just see this and that, take pictures, and hop on other museum, see this and that again, take pictures again, and go to other places, etc……Therefore we chose 4 museums in Bras Basah Area and if there was enough time, we planned to catch another one in Raffles Place. A good friend of mine, Jo, was quite amaze and surprise when I said that I plan to visit 4 museums in a day. She said that National Museum (also in our itinerary) is huge and quite impossible to visit in a short time. Ok. so I lower down my expectation and said we’ll go home whenever the lil boy feel tired.

We planned to go at 9am, but we actually went from home at 11am! Very late and I was not so sure we could visit 4 places in a day. And yeah you were right Jo, in the end we only visited one and a half museums. The first one was Singapore Art Museum (the nearest to the MRT station), and the second one was National Museum. But I wasn’t so happy with the second one because my son was so tired that we only visited the place for about 1 hour. So, we plan another visit on their open house next time. The view surrounding the National Museum is beautiful and I really really want to take more pictures outside and inside.

What I didn’t know before, that in the Open House Day, there were plenty of activities for children. So in Singapore Art Museum, we had to wait for our boy to join this activity and that activity, registered for painting session, went back again to join the activity, joined another activity, and came back again to get his dry painting. We missed some activities too because we were lack of time. So much fun for the children, almost all of them were free, and as I can remember there were only 2 activities that we had to pay, and only 50 cents each.

The face painting, leaves decoration, painting, drawing, card decoration, etc were all free. They provided all the materials and equipment too, and they were enough for all the children. It was quite crowded actually, but it’s ok since all the children behaved nicely and wanted to share with one another. After all, we enjoyed our visit to Singapore Art Museum and really think it was a good and educative way to spend our holiday. Rafael, who likes drawing and painting so much, of course could’t resist to join all the activities when he wasn’t very tired or hungry of course. All the wonderful materials (paper, color paper, paint, drawing pencils, stamps, blinking stars, glue, etc) were like treasures for him, and of course we love the results so much. We will certainly go here (and other museums) again on their Open House (the nearest is on 19th August). For more information please check their website in www.nhb.gov.sg

To go Singapore Art Museum, we took MRT and alighted in Bras Basah via Exit A. Just cross the street and we saw the museum. The Museum is huge although not as big as National Museum. There are 4 storeys (if I’m not mistaken), but we didn’t manage to go to 3rd and 4th storey, because we found out that there was an extention of the building (the SAM at 8Q), which is specially designed for children. To go to SAM at 8Q, just follow the directions because we had to cross the street.

The children activities were held in SAM and SAM at 8Q. Some activities needed registration first due to the numbers of children interested in the activities, and some were not. Well, at least my son and other children could become an amateur artist for one day (I don’t care about the results, I’m very proud of everything that he did).

Below are some pictures of our activities and photos in the museums:


Left: the main entrance and also the car park. Right: the backyard (when taking the MRT, this is the entrance

It is a beautiful old building with good maintenance. It has a wonderful courtyard. They also provide sofas in front of the lift. Rafael and I took picture in front of the chapel (but we didn’t go inside to see the paintings). Toilets and drinking water are available almost everywhere

Some of the paintings in first and second floor

The exhibition on second floor

Making tree branches with leaves with crayons, real leaves, and paint. Daddy helped in blowing and spreading the tree branches

Making leaves in the branch: paint the leave, stamp it in the paper

The finishing touch….and voila….here comes my little artist creation


Top: In front of SAM at 8Q.
Down: information of what to see inside the museum

Various photos taken inside the museum.
Top left: funny pictures on the stairs (they have funny pictures from level 1 to 4)
Top right and bottom: in level 3 next to dress me up section. The boxes are formed to make words and pictures. We can pay some amount of money (about 50 cents), get a box, decorate it, and place it in one of the space provided. We didn’t join this activity

Activity in level 2, pay 50 cents and the lil boy can join it.

Making wonderful marks on a piece of flower clay using simple tools in our everyday life

Painting and stamping in level 2

Dress Me Up in level 3. A big room where the children can put dress on the picture of some boys and girls. They provide shirts, clothes, shoes, socks, faces, hats, etc….

Grow Garden In The Dark in Level 4

Working very hard and serious to make one awesome birthday card for Singapore

The Result: Happy Birthday Singapore…………….

Besides all those, there are still free children movie in level 2 and singing and dancing room in level 3. We were not interested to see the movie, but Rafael and other children loved to shout out loud, run, or dance in the music room, which was too dark so I couldn’t take good pictures with my camera.


We ended up eating at Dome, since we couldn’t find any other restaurants nearby. Besides, it was too late for lunch and were too hungry to walk. In the end, it costed us $70……very expensive we thought. Well, the food was actually good, but we were not full and still hungry (the portion was too small for three starving people like us…..).

We found out later that if we walk to the front of the museum to the right, just besides Manulife Building, there are Kopi Tiam and Wendy’s………sigh…..we should have gone here. But the night before, the lil boy said he didn’t want to eat in food court but in a restaurant, because he wanted to see and choose the menus himself………all right boy, you got what you wished.

The boy and his favorite fish and chips. The chips tasted good, and all the salad went to my plate. I love the salad, very yummy

Top: daddy’s food (pork steak). There was a pineapple inside the steak, and I liked it, of course it went to my plate since daddy doesn’t like it. I don’t really like the pork since it was too oily, but daddy said he was ok with it.
Bottom left: mango juice and peach tea (very refreshing)
Bottom right: my order (beef steak with salad and spaghetti in tomato sauce). Again, I like the salad, and the spaghetti too (daddy didn’t like the spaghetti). My well done steak was also very good

And that was the end of our day in Singapore Art Museum, because we were ready to continue the journey to National Museum of Singapore.

My conclusion: this is a very good place to spend a holiday with the family, and we will certainly go here again.


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