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Singapore Garden Festival

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Last Saturday, we went to Singapore Garden Festival which held in Suntec City Convention Center in fourth and sixth floor (7-15 July 2012). This event is a two years event. We had planned to go somewhere else, but when I saw this festival at someone’s blog, I asked Rafael whether he wanted to go or not. Being a plants lover, of course he wanted to go. So, went there on Saturday 14th (I didn’t want to go on the last day because I was afraid it would be too crowded).

The festival opened from 10 am to 10 pm. I hoped we could go there at 10am to avoid the crowd, but we arrived a little bit late. We purchased the ticket at 11.14 am. Some might say: why are you going to that kind of place, it’s just flowers show. well, the answer is because I like it, my son likes it, and my mother likes it too. What about daddy? Maybe we’ll find out later.

Quite surprising, that 11 am was still considered very early in the morning here (hey, we’re the morning person). It was getting crowded as the clock passed by. When we left the exhibition at 5 a’clock, the queue in the ticketing office was so long (imagine buying tickets in that hour, wow….).

My mother loves the orchids the best, my son likes the Tree House, and I’m still dreaming about my dream house, hahaha……..

Well, here are some photos that will explain “these flowers exhibition”

Fourth Floor

Buy ticket first, cost $38 for all of us (3 adults and 1 child ticket package). Thank God we arrived earlier, because it wasn’t too crowded at the ticketing booth and inside the exhibition. We bought ticket at the fourth floor, there was another ticketing counter which was smaller in sixth floor

Waiting for daddy, take picture first in front of the ticketing booth

After our hands were stamped, we went inside. The stamp allowed us to come and go for the whole day (both in fourth and sixth floor). This was what we saw first when we came inside. Big Ferris wheel, grasshopper, ladybug, and cockroach

Next to it was what we called Barongsai Garden

Oma loves the orchid very much. wish my sister was here too, because she’s a big fan of flowers

First fantasy Garden Theme: Smurfs Land. Love it, love it, love it! So cute and beautiful. We tried to find another fantasy garden too but we couldn’t find it

Can I bring home the smurfs???

His favorite: playing bubbles in smurfs land. We visited this twice. Not just this boy, all the children likes the bubbles. Rafael really likes this garden so much

The garden in a train, very creative isn’t it?

Next is the Homa Garden Exhibition. We spent quite a long time here because we loved it so much (while dreaming if only this was our home……..hahaha……daydreaming………

I like the dining room, the green color is so nice

The bathroom and bedroom, i wish we had this big and beautiful bedroom at home

Living Room and kitchen, love them all

From the Home Garden, we went to Bird’s Eye View to take photo like this. But actually there wasn’t anything to see

Country garden. The hog plum made me want rujak…..I miss rujak in my old office. And the basil…..hmm….lasagna and spaghetti will be yummy using this.

Children center, create your own tree in a paper. And you can learn here too. While Rafael was here, Mommy came back to the home garden……still dreaming………

Now the highlight of the day: The Tree House. Actually it was just one slide, but every child loved it to the max. Rafael played here very long, and even came back in the evening before going home. This slide was for children 5-12 years old, but younger children were allowed too, which ended some cried upstairs, hahaha…….The queue wasn’t so bad in the morning, but turned out to be very long in the evening when we came back. We ate here too, since we saw some people ate here too. I saw the advertisement before about “Sara Goes Gardening” with a pink dinosaur as a symbol. Rafael and I though there is gonna be a mascot of big dinosaur there who will accompany the children during educational program about garden. But when we got there, there wasn’t any dinosaur (just a picture of this pink little dinosaur), which made us very disappointed actually.

While Rafael was playing in the tree house, I asked daddy to take some photos of me

This Elmo won best rated show and gold medal in its category

Can we have a picnic here?

We also took some pictures in the exit of fourth floor, before going up to sixth floor

Going to Food Republic, eat…..eat…….eat…….we were starving

Sixth Floor

Here we are in sixth floor, the decoration outside has different theme than the fourth floor. It is more like “children theme”

Fantasy Gardens

And here we were at Fantasy Gardens. We found them. They were just near the entrance door of sixth floor. The sixth floor was actually darker inside.

Seven Dwarfs (we counted only six, and there was no Snow White too)


Alice in Wonderland (no Alice, but the scene pictured Mad Hatter tea party)

Fairy Pond (left) and Little Red Riding Hood (right). Can you find Little Red Riding Hood?

Floral Windows of The World, no real flowers here

Love the boat and big balloon in the entrance door. Rain forest was also one of Rafael’s favorite spot. In Indonesia: hutan hujan tropis. He studied this in school so he knew when he saw it, and since he is really interested in forests, animals, and plants, he could learn something from here too

Flowers from other countries. I think it will be nicer if the symbol of the country is not just pictures of Eiffel, Windmill, Tower, etc….perhaps could be something real than just these cartons, so for me, I don’t really like the whole concept in this place

Igloo, too bad could not come inside

Our dream pool (my dream house again)

Other pictures in the sixth floor. Right down is walnuts picture (according to my bright son…..mommy thought it was a coconut….sigh…….)

The Balcony Gardens, wish I had this too at home. Too many wishes so little money

We took pictures again at the exit of sixth floor before going down to fourth floor to play in the tree house again

Well, as you can see, we all had great fun together. We were there for almost 6 hours! We went outside to eat in Food Republic in the first floor, but still in total we spent so much time there. Yeah, because in was so much fun. Even daddy loves it too. I was afraid that everybody will get bored, and I turn out wrong, There were so many things to see, but we were very tired. Rafael still wanted to play, but I asked him to leave because I could see that he was tired too. We had a late lunch (3pm) because my son refused to leave…….

At the end, he ended sleeping in the MRT all the way home. Poor mommy and daddy had to carry him when we switched train in the interchange, but he waked up when we arrived in our train station.

So, this was not just flowers exhibition, but it turned out to be a super duper fun playground for the whole family. Absolutely worth the money, no regret visiting this place. Rafael has already planned to come again two years from now, hahaha……..

For more info, please check in their website: http://www.singaporegardenfestival.com/

And if you think there are too many photos of “us” instead of the “flowers”, I will put some pictures of the flowers only…….and let us admire the beautiful of God’s Creation through all these:

Take a closer look of this Smursf Land, so beautiful with all the small details and the flowers were so matched with these tiny little things

All about flowers

All the beautiful flowers

Fruits and vegetables, I like these pok choy in right (down), so fresh…….

Rafael is proud taking pictures with these all individual winners

Hungry, let’s have a feast

Last pictures, finally

See you two years from now………at the next Garden Festival

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