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Jacob Ballas Children Garden

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After reading some good reviews about this garden, we were more than eager to visit this place, but unfortunately the access to this place was quite difficult. What I learnt was after taking the MRT we still have to continue the journey by bus and walk a little bit. But thanks to the opening of the new MRT Station which is Botanic Gardens, the access to this place has became much much much easier for us.

Just hop off the Botanic Gardens MRT Station, go out via exit A, turn your head to the right, and voila…….there you can see Singapore Botanic Gardens black gate in front of you. The signboards to this garden are also very clear since we are in the MRT Station untul we reached The Botanic Gardens. From there, just follow the direction that will lead you right into the Jacob Ballas Children Garden.

Botanic Garden itself is very big, with lots of big trees, big pond, shelter, grass field, and a good spot to have a picnic in the nature. Although there were many people on that day, but because it’s a huge garden, you can still have plenty of rooms for yourselves. Thank God it was sunny and cloudy that day after the big rain on the day before. Actually there are many things to see and learn in Botanic Garden (such as Orchid Garden, Ginger Garden, Eco Lake, and other things, but because our main concern was the Jacob Ballas, we prefer to miss them all. The main reason was because we met some cute caterpillars or worms (I don’t know for sure), which the little boy thought they weren’t cute at all but disgusting, so he refused to see other places and choose to go straight to Jacob Ballas.

Jacob Ballas itself is strictly only for children 12 years old an below with their supervisors (adults). No adults without children can enter here (cool isn’t is, a place just for children……). It’s quite big, with a tree house, water play, little forest, and other things. Actually children can learn a lot of things here, about food making process, trees, etc. But my boy only showed a little interest because he could’t wait to play in the playground of course, hahaha…..

We met 2 groups of primary school when we were going to go home. They brought notebooks and made some notes. Below are the pictures of the garden (but not all since I’m sure that we haven’t seen all the parts of this garden).

The admission to the Botanic Garden and Jacob Ballas is free, except for the Orchid Garden. For further info please check in their website.

Does Rafael want to go here again? No, unless we go there by car because he hates the caterpillars in the entrance gate. If we drive by car, we don’t have to go to the same entrance.

For toilet access, we could find toilets whenever we wanted too, so I think it’s quite accessible.

This way to Jacob Ballas Children Garden, we had to walk quite far to reach this garden. But the signboards are very clear, plus there are so many trees so we don’t have to worry about the hot of the sun.

The entrance to the garden, restricted for children under 12 years old with their accompanied adults only

Going inside the garden

Looking carefully at the map before decided where to go

First stop, let’s learn about photosynthesis process

Read and learn the food making process for plants

Big orange fruits just across the food making process station

Found this “strange looking” tree on the way to…..

Fantastic Forest…….

Go inside the forest, first is to cross this rocking bridge

Go inside the cave….and go to……

The tree house

Going Up the tree house

Inside the tree house, with big tree and living room and dining room (well, that’s what we call them)

Slide down happily

Bye bye tree house

Potting garden with scarecrow inside

Giant mushrooms

Back to fantastic forest where we found huge pandan trees and cross the bridge again to go to the highlight of the day: The Water Play

The Water play, not too big but super fun

Playing happily

Meet new friends: Amira 6 and Jasmine 4 from England

Amira says bye………

Eating in the Kids Cafe outside the children garden

Going home while enjoying the scenery of Botanic Garden


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