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Intercontinental Hotel Midplaza Jakarta

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Date of Visit: 18-19 June 2012

The hotel located in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman (business district of Jakarta), and it is quite far from our house. Rafael and I traveled by taxi (Blue Bird) and it costed around 50.000 rupiahs. It took about 1 hour from where we live to this hotel. Rafael and I did our check in first while daddy was still in business trip. He came to the hotel at night. So Rafael and I spent our time together (we wondered around the hotel, checked the pool, visited the garden, went swimming together, had dinner which we brought from home, watched TV, took many many many pictures in our room, and even swam in the bathtub). Rafael swam again the next morning before we went home. It was so hard to ask him to come home because he said he would like to stay until tomorrow.

He was angry when we finally came home, and got a little cranky on the way home (we took taxi too). But perhaps it was because he was tired and sleepy too, because it wasn’t long until he fell asleep in the taxi.

The hotel is big, our room was big with huge twin beds. The bathroom was super clean and super nice. There is a TV speaker in the bathroom. Rafael and I likes the bathroom so much. When daddy came, he showed daddy around the room and brought him to the bathroom to show the TV speaker. So when he was in the bathroom, he could still hear his favorite Disney Junior show, hahaha……..

What we loved most was the swimming pool. There was a big pool deep and shallow, kids pool, and hot tub. The surrounding of the pool was very nice too (big buildings of Sudirman offices), which reminded me that my friends were busy at office while I spent a lazy afternoon by the pool, hehehe….). There was a lovely garden too just near the pool.

The water in the kids pool was cold, but the water in the big pool quite warm. Rafael spent most of the time in the big pool, pretending to swim in the stairs of the pool. When we got cold, we just jumped to the hot tub, and then went to the big pool again, or passed by under the small water fountains in the big pool.

Please see photos below for details of our one two days adventure at the hotel

Since the hotel location is quite far from the mall, we decided to bring our food from home to save time and money of course. Too bad daddy had to go early in the morning while we were still enjoying the hotel.

After all, it was a good getaway for both of us together. Check our photos below which describe our fun time together (well, especially Rafael who had the most fun of all).

His happy face on the way to the hotel

Spacious hotel lobby with mini pool

It’s time to check on our room. Hey, the sofa is very comfortable

Love the bathroom. Rafael can go here without any purpose at all, just like being here or listen to the TV speaker in here. Wish we could have this at home

And now, let’s check the pool in second floor

The lobby view from second floor

First, we must pass by this restaurant before going to the pool

He insisted on taking picture with this tower as the background

Now here comes the big pool. He just couldn’t resist putting his feet in the water when I was not looking. Look how happy he is to see the big pool. He dipped his feet even though I said no, well at last I just let him did that

The hot pool is very hot

The cool kids pool

Now let us go to see the garden. The garden located below the pool, just take the stairs down to the grass field

A small pond in the garden

Very comfortable sunbathing and waiting space around the pool. Just close the curtains and you won’t feel the sunlight while waiting here. Enough sightseeing, now it’s time to jump into the water

Splash splash in the big pool

I like the hot pool so much

Not really like the cold kids pool, but still happy in here. He did all this swimming together with mommy (when mommy wasn’t taking pictures of course). He loved swimming together wit mommy, and it’s always a yaaaay……

Activity after swimming: take a bath, eat much, play in the room

Let’s end this day with a good night sleep

Extra morning swim in the morning without mommy

Let’s go home


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