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Family’s Day Out at Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading

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Date of visit: 2-3 June 2012

We stayed here for 1 night (Sunday to Monday). The place is near to our house, only ten to fifteen minutes by car. Rafael was very exciting of going to stay in this hotel. Basically he doesn’t care what hotel he’ll be staying in, as long as it’s a hotel with nice room and at least one swimming pool ( no matter how small the pool is gonna be). Although it was a one night stay, but still I packed lot of things, from swimsuit, his new swim float, spare clothes, office shoes for daddy, etc. Since the hotel is next to the mall (there’s a connecting door from the lobby hotel to the mall), so we didn’t have to worry about food at all. Just step in to the mall whenever we’re hungry.

So after we had our lunch at home, we headed to the hotel, went swimming, jumped to Pizza Hut which is very near to the connecting door, bought some bread from Bread Talk, spent a lazy afternoon at the hotel room. Daddy worked in his laptop while mommy was having a precious 30 minutes of sleep time and Rafael got as many time as he wanted to watch TV (it will never happened at home). Why only 30 minutes of sleep? Because the little boy’s stomach was shouting very hard and wanted food so much. He said he was very hungry (2,5 hours ago he just finished his second lunch at Pizza Hut). I guess the new environment in the room and swimming had increase his appetite so much. So we went to Mall 3 Food Court to buy our takeaway dinner (KFC and AW).

After dinner, the little boy played again in the room, drew some pictures, and went to bed at eleven. He fell asleep very quick (almost beat the record, not until 5 minutes after he went to bed that he fell asleep). I told him that we had to go early in the morning since daddy had to go to the office. He was OK and had no complaints at all when I woke him up at six in the morning. He bathed and we went down for breakfast (many food to be picked but the taste was so so. We hadn’t eaten too many food actually. Then daddy went to the office and Rafel and mommy got home. He skipped school that day (sorry Miss Lucy….. but the school was almost over, there were not much to do at school right….).

After all, it was a very great getaway for the three of us even though the time was so short and daddy had to work too. But we ate too many fast food that day. See what Rafael had for the whole day:

1. Morning breakfast at home before going to Sunday School

2. Lunch at home

3. Late Lunch at Pizza Hut (vanilla milkshake, 2 pizzas, 2 garlic bread, half portion of zuppa soup). He usually likes the soup very much, but that day we admitted that the soup was very very very horrible. The bread wasn’t fresh and crunchy, the soup tasted bad and plain. I would give minus 10 for the soup. The chef should have tasted it first before serving the soup. Garlic bread as usual was great, and we tried Tuscany Pepperoni Pizza which surprisingly was very good too. But Rafael said he still would prefer PHD or Marzano for the same kind of Pizza. But this one was good too.

4. Dinner (AW-1 portion of rice and fried chicken, 1 portion of french fries)

5. Night snack (1 pack of 200 ml strawberry milk and 1 pack of 125 ml of vanilla milk).

Too bad the dino kids club was closed. The staff said there was some leaking problem so they closed the club. Well, it’s OK with us, but will you please remove the signboard / advertisement of the kids club from the banner in front of the hotel and from your signboard inside the hotel? It will be a big disappointment for the children.

There was a gym too and swimming pool (adult pool and small children pool). WiFi is free in the swimming pool area and lobby area (ask for password in the reception counter).

I think the hotel is good, clean, simple, and minimalist. The room space is enough for us (we got Deluxe Room). The lobby is small with orange as the dominant color. The hotel lobby which attached to the mall is a very big advantage for us. We love staying here, well at least if there’s nothing to do with your children inside the hotel, just step your feet to the big mall.

We waited in the lobby while daddy doing his check in. Note: it was not daddy in the background picture

Our room with one big sofa bed and TV which has Disney Junior Channel (very important for us)

Nice bathroom, not too big but clean

View from the top: noon, night, and early morning. I could see Summit Apartment with it’s playground and big swimming pool. II thought that this was the hotel’s pool and playground. It would be good if they were.   I also could see Pasar Mandiri (Mandiri Market) from here. It was a nice view from our room. There were lights in the swimming pool at night which made the pool very beautiful

Our comfortable bed, my son and I spent most of our time here. We slept very well during the night (well at least one of us did while practicing his kungfu style to mommy and daddy, hahaha……)

Waiting for the elevator to take us down from our room in 17th floor. Yes, we’re going to the swimming pool, or to the mall, or the restaurant, or wherever that we wanna go…..But first, let us swim……….yay….

The juice bar in front of the pool

Here’s the pool, where we can see malls and shops building from here

Someone is swimming happily

While someone else is working seriously to meet the deadline

Look, someone has invented a new swimming style……..

The old time bike next to elevator and restaurant

Late lunch in Pizza Hut, we always look for sofa seat

And that’s the end of our journey in this hotel. It’s kind of business hotel and strategically located in the middle of Kelapa Gading Area, so you will meet many business people here, especially in the morning breakfast.


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