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Cactus Garden and Dinosaurs Decoration at Changi Airport T1

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This is what we like about Changi Airport, we’ve never been boring waiting for our flights since there are so many things to do and see. We always run out of time when we play or just doing sightseeing at the airport.

The last time we headed off to Jakarta (31st of May), we spotted dinosaurs decorations in the big lobby of terminal 1. Since it was early in the morning, there weren’t many people took pictures with the dinos, just Rafael and one other kid. Since he was a big fan of these mean creatures, of course he would’t miss the chance to take photos with the dinos. There are 3 dinos in the lobby, and he knew them all.

Dinosaurs in Terminal 1

There were 3 dinosaurs in total, and Rafael still remember their names. Well, after all he was once a big fan of dino

After that, we went to the second floor next to Burger King to play in the playground. But, where is the playground? We couldn’t see any slides or anything that looked like playground. There was just an empty space on where the playground should be. Could it be moved to other place? But we didn’t have enough time to find out. So, we just went to the garden beside the old playground, and it turned out to be a cactus garden. It was an open air garden, so fresh in the morning. There is a small cafe inside the garden. So, we walked around and Rafael read all the names of the cactus. Well, he’s a big fan of plants and animals too. I took his pictures with almost all the cactus. It was a very nice garden, not too big or too small. By the time we finished walking around the garden, it was time for us to go to our gate. Rafel saw the maps of Changi Garden and he said that he wants to visit all those gardens.

Here are some pictures of the garden.

He likes this garden better than the playground

He just can’t stop talking about the garden even until now. He really loves gardens

Some of the cactus

When we arrived at home, we searched in the internet about Changi Gardens and said again that he wants to visit all those gardens, even until now. He’s been talking about the gardens to many people, he says how much he likes and admires the gardens, and I think he can be a good little ambassador for Changi, hahaha……..


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