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Queenstown Apartment and Playground

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Day 2: Sunday, 1 May 2011

Puas main langsung naik MRT ke Queenstown mau ke tempat kost papanya, mau liat sama main di playground. Turun MRT tinggal jalan sedikit, sampe deh. Si bocah sempet main dulu sebentaran di playground, terus minta naik ke atas. Kamarnya di lantai 29, dan liftnya itu cepet banget naiknya. Lift kantor gw aja kalah cepet.


Playground di bawah apartemen

Tempat kostnya rapi, resik, apik, seneng litany soalnya bersih banget. Raf sempet main2 dan foto sebentar sambil gw ikutin terus, soalnya yang punya rumah naro pajangan di tempat2 yang rendah, terus ada yang ditaro di bawah meja juga, jadi gw takut kesenggol sama tu bocah.

Udah beres terus pulang ke China Town deh, naik MRT aja kali ini.


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

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